You Got Served Song When Lil Saint Died?

You Got Served Song When Lil Saint Died

Q: What’s the title of that background song when ‘little Saint’ died in the hospital? It’s like an instrumental hitting a high note (from Alfrancis in Iloilo City, Philippines)
A: ‘ Summer Madness’ Kool & the Gang (thanks to shaniceo, england) add more info

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What happened to Lil Saint in the Outsiders?

The story takes place in Los Angeles, California, where Elgin and David lead their talented dance crew in street dancing competitions at a warehouse owned by Mr. Rad. There, they are victorious over another gang that is commanded by Vick (Raz-B). The group led by David and Elgin emerge victorious from the conflict, to the dismay of Vick’s crew.

  1. Rico (also known as J-Boog), Rashaan (also known as Lil’ Fizz), and Sonny are some of the members of David and Elgin’s crew (Young Rome).
  2. Teshawn, a little boy that Rico knows and who is affectionately referred to by the cast and crew as “Lil Saint,” is under Rico’s care.
  3. David and Elgin do deliveries for a drug lord known as Emerald so that they may earn money for the fights.

Wade, a privileged young man from Orange County, issues them a $5,000 wager with the challenge. Following their victory in yet another skirmish, David and Elgin report to their team on the challenge that they have accepted from Wade. They explain that they will put up the entire $5,000 themselves, and if their team is victorious, Elgin and David will share $3,000, and the rest members of the crew will divide the remaining $2,000 among themselves.

  1. Sonny, one of their crew members, is not a fan of this notion and thinks that since it was a team performance, the money should be distributed equally among all of the members of the squad.
  2. Sonny’s opinion is not shared by the other members of the gang, who are all of course aware that Elgin and David are the ones who are risking their own money in the first place, and so it is only fair that they receive a larger share of the profits.

Later on, as Elgin, David, and their gang are playing basketball, Wade and his closest buddy Max go up to the court. They tell Elgin that they are shocked that he accepted their offer. Elgin responds that he is surprised that he accepted their challenge as well.

Elgin announces that the combat will take place one week later, but Wade and Max laugh at him and try to lure him into a fight by saying that it’s pitiful that Elgin and his team needs a whole week to rehearse and that the fight should take place that night instead. Elgin, who is filled with pride and does not wish to back down, accepts the challenge to participate that night, despite the fact that they now only have $3,500 in their possession (the money they saved up from running drugs for Emerald).

As a result, Elgin makes the decision to borrow the remaining 1,500 dollars from his grandmother in order to pay for the fight. Mr. Rad makes an announcement that there will be no fighting during the combat due to the amount of money that is at stake, and he employs an off-duty LAPD officer by the name of Mr.

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Chuck to put a stop to any possible commotion that may occur. After David and Elgin have arrived at the location, they see that Sonny is not present, and he is also not picking up his mobile phone when they call him. A few minutes later, Sonny shows there, but he betrays the team by walking over to Wade and Max’s side of the dance floor, so showing that he is now on their team.

Sonny joins Wade and Max’s side of the competition. After David and Elgin discover that their rival has stolen their dance set and that Sonny taught their rivals the routine, thus “selling them out,” this knowledge sets in a confrontation between the two groups of people.

  • Wade, elated by his accomplishments, says the remark that gives the movie its title: “You’re just upset.
  • ’cause tonight you suckers got served!” The romantic feelings between David and Liyah, who is Elgin’s sister, have been growing.
  • Elgin and David come to the conclusion that they need to pick up some more shifts for Emerald in order to make up for the losses that they incurred as a result of their loss against Wade on the basketball court.

Vick appears and makes a request to join their team, stating that his last crew dissolved after suffering a string of defeats in battle. David departs the court and informs Elgin that he will not be picking up Elgin so that the two of them can travel to Emerald’s place that night.

Instead, David tells Elgin that he would meet him up there separately since he has something else to do at the time. That “something to do” winds up being a date with Liyah, as it turns out. When David and Liyah are out on a date, Liyah is irritated by the numerous calls that David receives from his pals.

Elgin receives a call from Emerald regarding the delivery of narcotics, and she informs him that he and David need to get to the establishment early. Liyah intercepts Elgin’s attempts to contact David by turning off David’s phone before he is able to see who is calling.

  1. This forces Elgin to complete the task on his own.
  2. Elgin gets attacked by some local criminals, and the thugs steal Emerald’s money.
  3. As a result, Elgin winds up in the hospital, in problems with Emerald, and angry with David for not being there on time.
  4. The buddies went their separate ways and established their own groups.

Liyah is prevented from seeing David by Elgin, who disregards both her and David’s wish to assist him. Rico informs David and Elgin about the “Big Bounce,” a dance competition that is supposedly being sponsored by MTV and that offers the winning group the chance to appear in a Lil’ Kim music video as well as a cash prize of fifty thousand dollars.

Elgin views this as an opportunity to make amends with Emerald as well as his grandma. There is no success in bringing Elgin and David together, despite the efforts of Liyah and Rico in particular. After some time has passed, Emerald and his men approach Elgin at the home he shares with his grandmother and force Elgin into the car.

Emerald tells Elgin that he will never work for him again and gives him a few weeks to refund the money he owes him. If Elgin does not repay Emerald, Emerald tells him that he “won’t walk, let alone dance again.” Emerald reveals that he normally gives people only twenty-four hours to return any money that they have stolen from him, but he decided to give Elgin a few weeks because David called Emerald and begged him not to hurt Elgin.

  • Emerald reveals that he usually gives people only twenty-four hours to return any money that they have stolen from him.
  • During the qualifying stages of the Big Bounce Competition, a great number of teams, including Wade’s crew, manage to impress the judges.
  • Liyah and Mr.
  • Rad have a conversation concerning David and Elgin’s issues, and Mr.
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Rad discloses that he has already resolved the matter with Emerald. Liyah is relieved to hear this news (it is not revealed what he did exactly to fix it, he only mentions that he and his LAPD friend Mr. Chuck “took care of that already”). The team led by David gets ousted from the competition after making two mistakes, while the crew led by Elgin advances to the finals.

  • After thereafter, David and Liyah are shown sitting at a table in a diner and discussing David’s elimination from the competition.
  • Rashann enters the room and informs them that Lil Saint has been shot, that they must find Rico to inform him of the situation, and that they must then proceed to the hospital.

The group learns at the hospital that Lil Saint has passed away as a result of the shooting he sustained during the drive-by. The next day, Rico mentions to Elgin that they ought to get the team back together in memory of Little Saint. David enters a few minutes later after being requested by Liyah to attempt to resolve the dispute.

However, he adds that in order to participate, they are required to battle with the crews that they started with, and they are not permitted to add individuals to their teams. David and Elgin remain unrepentant toward one another and refuse to forgive one another. Elgin’s gang, now known as “The Lil’ Saints,” will compete in the finals of the Big Bounce competition, which will be hosted by Wade Robson and Lil’ Kim.

Following the performance of the routine by a number of different crews, it is announced that “The Lil’ Saints” and “Wade’s Crew” are tied for first place. Both teams are adamant about not having a tie, so Lil’ Kim, on the advice of Mr. Rad, proclaims that there will be no rules for the head-to-head combat showdown.

The result of their being no restrictions enables for additional persons to join the competing crews. David makes the request to become a member of Elgin’s crew, but Elgin first rejects his request. In response, Rico tells Elgin, “Look, it’s either David and all of us, or it’s none of us.” After that, Elgin decides to forgive David and invite him to join his squad.

They engage Wade’s crew in combat, during which they pay tribute to Lil’ Saint, and ultimately prevail thanks to the resounding acclaim of the audience. Elgin offers his approval and permission for David and Liyah to continue their relationship. Wade and Max approach the winners, claiming that David and Elgin won because of pure chance, whereas the winners are David and Elgin.

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Who are the members of the Lil Saints?

Cast – Marques Houston – Elgin Barrett The leader of the Lil Saints, Eugene Smith III and his crew. Omari “Omarion” Grandberry is the character of David, who is a member of the Lil Saints and Elgin’s best friend. Omari falls in love with Elgin. Liyah Simon Au – Dancer Jarell “J-Boog” Orlando Perry, Dancer Orlando Perry, Dancer Raz-B, as Rico De’Mario, is representing Houston.

  • Thornton – Vick, the head of a competing crew, eventually became a member of Elgin and David’s team.
  • Dreux “Lil’ Fizz” Rashann, Frederic, and Jennifer Freeman is the character of Liyah Smith, Elgin’s sister, who begins dating David after developing feelings for him.
  • Meagan Good, who is really stunning.

Steve Harvey is a lifelong acquaintance of Mr. Rad, Elgin, and David who also owns and operates the warehouse club in which these musicians perform. Christopher Jones as Wade, a privileged brat with a bad attitude. Jerome, also known as “Young Rome” Following a disagreement on how the money they produce should be divided, Jones – Sonny betrays David and Elgin’s gang.

  1. Max, Wade’s closest buddy and a lackey, is played by Robert Hoffman.
  2. Malcolm TeShawn ‘Lil’ Saint’ Miller is a little child who becomes a member of David’s group but is subsequently put to death.
  3. David Kelley portrays him.
  4. Jackée Harry – M.
  5. Smith, the Mother Babbal Kumar — dark dancer Wade Robson – Himself Lil’ Kim – Herself La La Anthony – In Her Own Words Grandmother Esther Scott, also known as “Elgin,” Michael Taliferro, also known as “Emerald,” is a criminal boss for whom Elgin and David serve, and Simon Rugala is a choreographer.

Dancers Kevin Federline, Clifford McGhee, Dyneisha Rollins, Columbus Short, Harry Shum Jr., Mike Bodden, and Mike Bodden are all members of the cast of “Dancing with the Stars.” Aaron Davis, a Dancing Performer

When did you Got Served by B2K come out?

You Got Served: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack The majority of the music on the soundtrack was composed by B2K, although it also includes tracks by Marques Houston and a lot of other artists. However, despite the use of explicit language in songs like “Streets Is Callin’,” the album was not given a parental advisory rating.

What is the movie you Got Served about?

You Have Been Served. Chris Stokes, the writer and director of the 2004 American dance comedy-drama film You Got Served, was also the business manager of the artists who were the film’s primary characters: recording artist Marques Houston and the boy band B2K.