Why Was Brother Osborne Song Pulled From Radio?

Why Was Brother Osborne Song Pulled From Radio
According to Billboard, the Brothers Osborne’s jab during their acceptance speech was a reference to the decision made by their record company, EMI Records Nashville, to stop promoting their song “I’m Not for Everyone” to country radio after the song “stalled in the high 30s on the chart.”

Why did they pull Brothers Osborne song on country radio?

Osborne said to the crowd that was present at the awards presentation that took place at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas that “about a week ago, they yanked our song from country radio,” and that he needed “a little wind put in our sails.”

Did Brothers Osborne get pulled from radio?

The upbeat track “I’m Not For Everyone” by Brothers Osborne was just removed from country radio, and the men are feeling down and discouraged as a result of the bad news. When TJ Osborne accidentally revealed that the song had been scrapped during the duo’s on-camera victory speech at the ACM Awards on Monday night, he caused quite a stir.

What Brothers Osborne song was pulled from the market?

TJ, who is 37 years old, stated that winning the prize gave them a boost of confidence after their most recent hit, titled “I’m Not For Everyone,” was removed from country radio the previous week. He informed the crowd, “I needed a little wind thrown in our sails,” and the crowd enthusiastically responded.