Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song?

Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song
Our attachments to well-known television series go beyond the plots and personalities of the shows themselves; in most cases, we also like the music that serves as the show’s theme. However, such tunes would occasionally vary. Here are some shows that have changed their signature tunes.

  1. The first episode of the first season of the television family sitcom Happy Days began with a newly recorded cover of “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets.
  2. However, during the show’s third season, the song “Rock Around the Clock” was switched out with the 1976 tune “Happy Days,” which was written by the songwriting team of Pratt and McClain.

The television program Felicity, which was created by J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, had its premiere in September of 1998. The song “Felicity Theme” was performed by singer-songwriter Judith Owen during the first two seasons (Freshman and Sophomore Year), while the song “New Version of You” was performed during the last two seasons (Junior and Senior Year) of the show.

New Version of You” was written by J.J. Abrams and Andrew Jarecki. The opening theme music of the series was updated so that it more accurately reflected the development of the character Felicity Porter from the beginning to the conclusion of her time spent in college. The first episode of Baywatch, which debuted on NBC in 1989, included the song “Save Me,” which was performed by Peter Cetera and featured Bonnie Raitt on guitar.

After only one season, NBC decided to discontinue the show, but Baywatch was picked up by another network and brought back to life in 1991. The producers decided to switch the opening theme music to “I’m Always Here” by the rock band Survivor, while Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff was the one who sang “Current of Love,” the closing theme song for the television program.

The song “Next Year” by Foo Fighters, which can be found on their album There Is Nothing Left to Lose, served as the opening theme music for the first season of the NBC program Ed, which has since been mostly forgotten. The opening theme music was changed to “Moment in the Sun” by Clem Snide during the second season, but it was then changed back to the tune originally performed by the Foo Fighters for the remainder of the series’ run.

When asked about the choice to use the Foo Fighters’ song again in 2002, the co-creator of Ed, Rob Burnett, claimed “complex financial considerations.” The opening credits sequence of the first season of Beverly Hills 90210 included a jazzy music superimposed over shots of a postal worker carrying mail in a cold Minnesota setting.

  • This was done to depict the show’s principal family, the Walshes, migrating to southern California.
  • The opening credits were revamped for the show’s second season, featuring a brand-new hip rock music composed by John E.
  • Davis and fresh video showing the show’s teenage cast members having a good time at the beach.

In Living Color was a sketch program that was first shown on Fox in 1990 and was produced by Keenen Ivory Wayans and his brother Damon Wayans. It served as a stepping stone for the careers of a huge number of young actors who were just beginning their careers in Hollywood at the time, such as Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, Jennifer Lopez, and, of course, the Wayans family: Kim, Shawn, and Marlon.

  1. Rapper Heavy D and DJ Eddie F were responsible for producing “In Living Color,” the opening theme tune, for the show’s first two seasons.
  2. The song “Cause That’s the Way You Livin’ When You’re in Living Color” by Heavy D and The Boyz was substituted for it at the beginning of the third and fourth seasons of the show.

The original theme tune for In Living Color was used for the last season of the program, but a remixed version of the song was used instead. The opening theme song for the critically acclaimed HBO series Big Love was “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys.

  1. After the third season, the producers of the show decided to switch to the song “Home” by the British pop band Engineers.
  2. The opening theme song for The Drew Carey Show was titled “Moon Over Parma,” and it was sung by Drew Carey in 1995.
  3. Moon Over Parma” was composed by songwriter Robert “Mad Dog” McGuire.

The song was discarded for the sitcom’s second season, which instead used “Five O’Clock World” by The Vogues in an elaborate opening titles sequence. Previously, the song had been played at the beginning of each episode. The opening theme music for the third season of The Drew Carey Show was a cover version of Ian Hunter’s song “Cleveland Rocks,” performed by the rock band The Presidents of the United States of America.

This was the third time that the opening theme song has been updated. The three distinct songs were alternated during the show’s final season of the comedy, although each song had a unique arrangement and style compared to the original versions. Although “As Days Go By” by Jesse Frederick, the opening theme music for the television show Family Matters, is memorable and well-known, it was not the family sitcom’s first theme song.

The song was performed by Jesse Frederick. The song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong was played as the audience was introduced to the Winslow family in each of the first five episodes of the comedic television show. After moving from ABC to CBS, the comedy Family Matter finally decided not to continue airing the episode “As Days Go By” for its last three seasons.

Walker, Texas Ranger is portrayed by Chuck Norris. Tirk Wilder is the composer of the opening theme music for the television series, which he did for both the first season and the television movie. The opening was scrapped in the middle of the second season and replaced with a new theme song named “Eyes of the Ranger” by Jerrold Immel.

Chuck Norris continued to perform this theme song until the series came to an end. During its course of seven seasons, the popular family comedy Boy Meets World utilized two distinct songs as its series themes. The first three seasons of the program featured the song as a compilation of several instrumental themes written by composer Ray Colcord, who was also responsible for writing the transitional and mood music for the television show.

During the fourth season, the opening theme was modified to something that was livelier and more energizing; it was a surf rock instrumental performed by Colcord. Phil Rosenthal, a rock musician, was responsible for writing Boy Meets World’s new and final theme song, which was performed during the show’s final three seasons.

The song represented the show’s change toward an older demographic and more adult subject matter.

When did Duck Dynasty stop using ZZ Top song?

The series came to an end on March 29, 2017, with the hour-long finale titled “End of an Era.” Si Robertson and ZZ Top gave a performance of the program’s theme song, “Sharp Dressed Man,” as the episode’s closing number. The show ran for a total of 11 seasons.

Duck Dynasty
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What was the reason Duck Dynasty was Cancelled?

The Phil Robertson show was discontinued before it had a chance to become “cool.” Following his infamous suspension and then reinstatement from the A&E hunting program in 2013 due to allegations of making homophobic statements, the star of “Duck Dynasty” may have become the first ever celebrity to be “canceled.”

When did Duck Dynasty start using ZZ Top song?

In spite of the fact that Willie Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty clan have become famous over the years for their magnificent beards, they are always happy to give credit where credit is due. Now, in the wake of the passing of legendary ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill, who passed away earlier this week, Robbie Robertson is paying respect to the well-known musician and sharing his recollections of the original beard grower.

Willie Robertson did, in point of fact, spend time with Dusty Hill on many occasions. In a recently published interview, he discussed how ZZ Top was the very first live performance he ever went to see when he was a little boy. Later on in life, when he was an adult, he had the opportunity to spend time with the band on several occasions, even as a member of the show Duck Dynasty.

Willie Robertson, who was present for ZZ Top’s 50th anniversary celebration just a couple of years ago, told Fox News that it was a celebration of all things beards as well as a celebration of getting to do the thing you love well into your seventies.

The event was held in honor of the band’s golden anniversary. When we entered their presence, our beards bowed down in submission since they had been maintaining that appearance for a far longer period of time than we had. During the time that I was with them a few of years ago, they were getting ready to leave for Europe to play for something like two months at the time, it was wild.

And at the time, I was thinking, not a lot of people have their 70th birthday and then go out to Europe to continue working and doing what it is that they like doing. And all it is is a monument to him, their life, the passion they shared, and everything they possessed.

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They maintained a nice thing for themselves by keeping their composure, maintaining their appearance, and maintaining everything else. Fans of the program will recall that ZZ Top made a memorable appearance on Duck Dynasty throughout its run and was a part of the Season 11 and series finale in which they sang the popular tune “Sharp Dressed Man.” The song served as the theme music for the show while it aired on A&E.

You will be able to view the now-famous scene further below. Noteworthy is the fact that Willie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, has lately chopped off his long hair but has maintained his prized long beard. The news that Dusty Hill had passed away in his sleep at the age of 72 came this week, and he was not the only prominent figure to pay respect to him during this week.

  • Other well-known people, including notable artists such as Queen’s Brian May and other well-known people in the entertainment industry such as Jason Momoa, also paid respect to the late actor.
  • Link opens in a new window) A picture that was uploaded by on Before Dusty Hill passed away, he had been touring with the band despite having hip problems for quite some time.

Elwood Francis had started filling in for him onstage earlier this month, while Hill went home to heal from his injury. He died days later Billie Gibbons, Dusty’s fellow bandmate, stated unequivocally that Dusty would have wanted the concert to continue without him and that the band will carry on traveling under the name ZZ Top.

Does Duck Dynasty chew tobacco?

NEW You may now listen to the stories that are published on Fox News! Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song Next A member of the Robertson family from the television show “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. (A&E) prev next The character Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. (A&E) prior Willie Robertson is a regular cast member on “Duck Dynasty,” which airs on A&E. (A&E) There are several activities that the Robertson family participates in that will not be seen on their A&E reality show.

  • For instance, a recent article in Men’s Journal claims that although though none of the cast members of “Duck Dynasty” smoke cigarettes, they all chew tobacco.
  • When his boys were still young, Phil Robertson began to indoctrinate them with the habit.
  • According to what he shared with Guys’s Journal, “when you’re dealing with young men, for want of a better phrase, it’s ideal for them to discover the great outdoors.

Additionally, in my humble opinion, to make sure they stay men, give them a little chewing tobacco from time to time.” In the culture that we practice down here, spitting on the ground is a symbol of maleness.” The family discussed their beliefs and ideals in depth during the interview with Men’s Journal, in which they also disclosed several private anecdotes about their life.

What religion are the Robertsons?

DEL CITY — “Mama, it’s going to be OK.” Although Al Robertson couldn’t recall giving his mother those words of encouragement, his mother had recounted the incident to him several times throughout the course of his life. When he had been approximately 8 years old, he had comforted his mother, who was sitting and weeping in the toilet, that their family would triumph over the challenges that were placed in their way.

  • During his most recent visit to Branches Church OKC, which is located at 4917 SE 29 in Del City, the veteran Church of Christ preacher and elder discussed the dialogue in question.
  • Robertson said that at the time he encouraged his mom, neither of them knew that “God was building something,” which is another way of saying that neither of them knew that their family would one day become household names as stars of the hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” on A&E.

Robertson said that at the time he encouraged his mom, neither of them knew that “God was building something.” The fact that they would become recognized for their Christian beliefs and that they would be able to utilize their popularity and power to proclaim the Gospel was something else that they were completely unaware of.

“When you give God permission to do what he does, things turn out like this. We were unaware of it at the time, but God was using us as building materials for something that would ultimately bring blessing to other people. He creates something that will last for generations and provide blessings to the lives of others “Robertson stated.

Baccalaureate was a sign of integration and “There is not just one faith in Edmond,” as the saying goes. “If you find yourself struggling with your faith at the moment, I want to offer you some words of encouragement. Think about all that Abraham had to go through in order to finally meet his son Isaac.” From 2012 through 2017, the A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty” followed the Roberton family as they ran their successful multi-million dollar duck call company.

The Rev. Sam Watkins and his wife Raigon, church planters who were responsible for the establishment of the military-oriented Branches Church, sent an invitation to Al Robertson and his wife Lisa to come see them in Oklahoma City on June 12-13. “Hope is what keeps us going,” says an officer with the OKC Police Department who has discovered a spiritual purpose in mentoring young people.

The Watkins had intended to have the church started a few years ago, but unfortunately Sam Watkins fell ill with a terrible illness. The COVID-19 epidemic was another factor that contributed to some delays, but on May 15 the church finally opened its doors in a building in a retail area that had formerly functioned as a Chinese restaurant.

Sam Watkins highlighted that the church is not only available to members of the military and their families because of its near vicinity to Tinker Air Force Base, but that it is open to anybody. The church was formed as an outreach to members of the military and their families. According to him, the Reverend Shane Hall, who served as the senior pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Del City for a number of years until passing away in 2018, extended an invitation to him and his wife to build the church.

The church is home to the Centurion Center, which provides members of the armed forces and their families with access to support groups as well as assistance in making connections to other resources. The Watkins informed their congregation that a second center will shortly open in Edmond, and that another is scheduled to build in the Yukon/Mustang region at a later date.

Can any of the men from Duck Dynasty sing?

Fan Awards presented by YouTube and K-LOVE Fans of Duck Dynasty may or may not be aware that Missy Robertson, one of the show’s main characters, had a fantastic singing voice. However, fans were completely unaware of the fact that Jase Robertson, Missy’s husband, is also a talented singer.

  1. Both Jase and Missy Robertson demonstrated their respective vocal abilities by contributing a flirtatious duet to the Christmas CD that the Robertson family released in 2013.
  2. When Jase was performing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” he made the conscious decision to alter his approach to the song.
  3. However, he spoke all of his other parts, even if he sung the chorus with Missy.
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In a tape that showed him working behind the scenes, he noted, “At first I tried to sing the first two or three lines.” “But then I had the realization, “This is all about trying to be sexual with my wife!” So I ditched that plan and instead spent the whole time trying to get her attention by flirting with her.

I truly did feel that way! After it was over, I looked back at myself in the mirror and saw I had three different kinds of red on my face.” Even if you just listen to Jase flirt with his wife of more than 20 years, the two of them have such a lovely chemistry that it will make you grin. The vocals that Missy provides are fantastic, and Jase, when he does sing, also does a really decent job.

Have a listen to this fun tune down below. Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song

How much is Phil from Duck Dynasty worth?

Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song The late Phil Robertson. Phil Robertson is an American hunting enthusiast, businessman, and reality television celebrity who has a net worth of $10 million. Robertson is also the host of the show Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson is the head of the Robertson family business, which is named Duck Commander and is worth several millions of dollars.

  1. Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family.
  2. His portrayal as Uncle Si on the hit television show “Duck Dynasty” brought him the most of his fame.
  3. Additionally, he is a regular on the show that airs on television “A hunting program that airs on the Outdoor Channel is called Duck Commander.

The Beginnings: The 24th of April, 1946 finds Phil Alexander Robinson being brought into the world in Vivian, Louisiana. He was one of seven children and they were impoverished when he was growing up. As children, the family lived in a house that lacked amenities such as running water, electricity, and a bathroom with a bathtub.

They did their grocery shopping in town on a very seldom basis, and instead subsisted on the meat they harvested from the deer, fish, and squirrels they killed, in addition to the vegetables and fruit they raised on their own property. Robertson wrote in his autobiography “Happy, Happy, Happy” that despite the fact that it was the 1950s, his family lived like it was the 1850s, but that “but we were always happy, happy, happy, no matter what the circumstances were.” In high school, Robertson excelled in all three sports he played: football, baseball, and track & field.

He received a scholarship to play college football at Louisiana Tech University. He was the starting quarterback for the first team. Terry Bradshaw was the quarterback who played in the backup position. After that, Bradshaw was selected as the first choice in the overall round of the 1970 NFL Draft.

In both 1966 and 1967, Robertson was the starting quarterback for the team. He made the decision to sit out the 1968 season, and Bradshaw was selected to replace him. It was suggested to him by Paul Harvey that he play for the Washington Redskins, but Robertson turned down the opportunity because it would have interfered with his hunting because he preferred hunting over football.

Robertson earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Louisiana Tech, as well as a master’s degree in education from the same institution. Career: After graduating college, Robertson first pursued a career in education for a period of time before switching careers to become a commercial fisherman.

  • He was a devoted duck hunter who was dissatisfied with the selection of duck calls that were offered in the market at the time.
  • Therefore, Robertson started tinkering around with the idea of manufacturing his own duck calls.
  • In 1972, he was the one who came up with the initial Duck Commander call.
  • In 1973, he established the Duck Commander Company and later that year received a patent for his call.

Willie Roberson, Phil’s son, is currently serving as CEO of the multi-million dollar corporation his father founded. Robertson and his family were featured in the A&E reality television series “Duck Dynasty,” which aired from 2012 through 2017 and followed the Robertson family’s exploits.

Today, Phil is the owner of the company and runs it with the help of his four boys and his wife, Kay. The autobiography of Phil titled “Happy, Happy, Happy” “was the number one best seller for a period of time and has come close to selling one million copies to this day. Before the popularity of their reality program, Robertson’s business had been selling around 60,000 Duck Commander calls each year.

They made 600,000 in sales in 2012. Phil has a custom of not taking a shower or shaving at all over the whole ten-week duck hunting season in the hopes that it will bring him good fortune. Following the publication of a contentious interview that Phil had given to the publication GQ on December 18, 2013, Phil found himself in a precarious position.

During the course of the conversation, Phil made a few remarks that some listeners took to be homophobic. Phil was eager to take responsibility for his actions and assert that he loves and respects people of all backgrounds and walks of life across the world. As a direct consequence of your actions, A&E was compelled to remove Phil from the program indefinitely.

And by “indefinitely,” it appears that they meant around one week, since A&E stated on the 28th of December, 2013, that they were removing their suspension of the show after receiving a barrage of complaints from viewers of the show. NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP available here courtesy of Getty Images In Your Private Life: In 1964, while both Marsha “Kay” Carroway and Robertson were still in high school, Robertson began dating Marsha “Kay.” 1966 was the year when the pair tied the knot.

While they were still attending college, their first child, Alan, was born to them. Jase, Willie, and Jep are the names of the couple’s other three kids in addition to Jep. Robertson is an elder of the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana, in addition to being a devoted follower of Christianity.

He does not shy away from sharing his opinions, even appearing in Steve Bannon’s film “Torchbearer” from 2012. In it, Robertson discusses how pointless life would be if there were no God to guide it. In his 20s, Robertson struggled with a variety of concerns, including an addiction to alcohol, which led to difficulties in the early stages of his marriage.

Robertson attributes his success in beating his alcoholism to a spiritual reawakening that occurred at the same time. Robertson is against abortion, and he has stated that he believes it to be a breach of the Declaration of Independence. During his many appearances in public, he regularly discusses the matter in question.

In 2015, Breitbart bestowed upon Robertson the Defender of the First Amendment Award. Robertson asserted this during a speech he gave to the CPAC, which lasted for a quarter of an hour. His audience consisted of beatniks, hippies, Nazis, and Communists.

  1. On May 28, 2020, it was disclosed that Phil discovered he had a daughter called Phyllis as a result of an affair he had in the 1970s.
  2. Phyllis was born as a result of the affair.
  3. In February of 2020, the two finally met for the first time, and the father’s first words to his daughter upon their introduction were “I had no clue.” Phyllis stated the following in an interview she gave to The Blaze in July of 2020: “I told him that was the most encouraging thing he could have said to me in that moment.

You see, if he had known about me but hadn’t been able to find me, it would have left me in a condition of utter devastation. Because of their comments, I was able to demonstrate grace and compassion. I could see the sensations of astonishment, disappointment, and even humiliation in his own eyes.

  • It was a mystery to him.” Phil revealed to The Blaze that he was a wreck 45 years ago and that he still is today “God is working to bring me back to health.
  • He located my long-lost daughter for me, and I am deeply in love with her.” Even though Phil and his wife are worth many millions of dollars, it is said that they continue to reside in the same double-wide mobile home in Louisiana even though they have been married for the entirety of their time together.
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Other Duck Commander Stars: Willie Robertson Profit or loss

Are Phil and Kay Robertson still married?

They are known as Phil and Kay Robertson. Phil Robertson and his wife Kay, who are the family patriarch and matriarch, respectively, are currently leading a much more sedate existence. The great outdoors is where Phil feels most at home, but he also enjoys connecting with his listeners through his podcast, which is named “Unashamed With Phil Robertson.” On the other side, Kay enjoys spending time in the kitchen preparing meals for her family.

What is Uncle Si net worth?

Robertson discussed his wife in an interview that he gave to Good Morning America. He also discussed his personal life. He declared, “There is one woman who has already captured my heart; her name is Miss Christine Robertson, and we’ve been married for 43 years (at that time)”.

He has told the story of how she ultimately agreed to marry him after he had asked her hand in marriage around seventy times. In 1971, the couple tied the knot, and their offspring included a girl named Trasa and a boy named Scott. Additionally, they have eight grandkids of their own. Robertson, much like the rest of his family, does not hide the fact that he is a Christian in his public life.

“My faith in God, what He has done for us, and what He will continue to do for us is what got me through the first 65 years of my life,” the man said. John 3:16 and 17 are two of his favorite passages from the Bible. “I always include the verses from John 3:16 and 17 on anything that I sign for other individuals.

The vast majority of individuals are able to tell you what number 16 means. Because God loved the world so much, He sacrificed His one and only son as a sacrifice for it. However, they are completely ignorant regarding the age of 17. According to what it states, Jesus did not come to earth to judge us.

If there was someone who had the authority to judge another person, it would be the son of God. If he didn’t do it, then we certainly don’t have the skills necessary to accomplish it ourselves, right?” In the tradition of the mid 1960s and early 1970s Rankin/Bass Christmas specials and their use of celebrity narrators, Robertson lent his voice and personal appearance to the VeggieTales video Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas, in which he narrates the video and appears as a mall janitor.

In the video, he also appears as a VeggieTales character named Merry Larry. On an episode of Last Man Standing, he made an appearance with Willie Robertson, his nephew as well as his co-star on Duck Dynasty. The younger Robertson served in the United States Army and spent a total of eight years in Iraq.

After receiving the news that his son had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, Robertson became an advocate for improved medical care for veterans. The sum of money owned by Robertson is greater than $18 million.

Who owns Duck Commander?

3 Min Read | the 12th of January 2022 He enjoys making fun of himself by referring to himself as a redneck. Do not, however, let yourself be deceived by the ZZ Top beard, the good-old-boy grin, or the head-to-toe camouflage. Because hiding behind that façade is a man who is highly clever and successful in business.

  • Willie Robertson is not only the star of Duck Dynasty, which is one of the most popular television series in the United States, but he is also the chief executive officer of Duck Commander, a firm that produces top-of-the-line duck calls.
  • Willie had a conversation with Dave about the multimillion-dollar firm that his family owns, their popular television show that airs on the A&E network, and business in general.

It ended up being one of the most well-attended interviews that Dave has ever done on The Ramsey Show.

What does Cole Robertson do for a living?

Hobbies and interests of Cole Robertson include playing baseball and becoming a renowned reality star. Cole’s famous parents, Jase and Missy Robertson, are also famous, and Cole has followed in their footsteps.

Who wrote the theme song for the show Duck Dynasty?

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson provides the narration. Theme song “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top Composers Tony Pasko serves as the opening number (2012-2017) Aaron Kaplan (201 Originating from the United States of America 20 more rows

Is Duck Dynasty cancelled?

After 11 seasons, Duck Dynasty came to an end in the year 2017. The following are some prevalent hypotheses regarding the reasons why the A&E program was canceled. Even though the final episode of Duck Dynasty was shown in the spring of 2017, many longstanding fans are still perplexed as to why the A&E reality program was cancelled in the first place.

Why did’Duck Dynasty’fail?

Why Did Duck Dynasty Change Theme Song The uproar was too much for Duck Dynasty to ever fully recover from. – Alex Wong/Getty Images Unfortunately, it seems as though Phil has not learned very lot from the experience; he continued to make inflammatory statements in the media even while Duck Dynasty was still being shown.

In just the years 2015 and 2016, he declared that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a form of divine retribution for premarital sexual activity, provided a rather gruesome hypothetical for what he believed atheists should go through, and allied himself with Citizens United in an effort to prevent North Carolina from passing a law protecting transgender people’s access to public restrooms; all of this occurred while Duck Dynasty’s viewership continued to decline.

Overexposure to the show, in addition to the fact that a significant portion of it was manufactured, was cited as a possible additional explanation for the show’s declining ratings by the New York Times. The majority of successful television series only create one season each year, but Duck Dynasty was broadcasting two seasons at the same time, providing fans with an excessive quantity of the offbeat humor provided by the Robertsons.

There is also the fact that viewers generally prefer to believe that what they are seeing is, you know, real, despite the fact that the “reality” part of reality TV is often a bit of a misnomer. The Robertsons seemed happy to admit that their series fell more into the questionable category of “guided reality,” though they did not deny that the “reality” part of their show was staged.

Many members of the Robertson clan already had other obligations by the time Duck Dynasty was canceled, which may be because they had already anticipated the conclusion of the show. Willie went on the campaign trail for Donald Trump, Uncle Si got cast in a spin-off series, and a number of family members decided to capitalize on the success of Duck Dynasty by writing books.

  1. Sadie joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars.
  2. Willie went on the campaign trail for Donald Trump.
  3. Uncle Si got cast in a spin-off series.
  4. It is fair to say that the controversy in 2013 generated a type of snowball effect, which finally led to the decision by A&E to pull the plug on the program, despite the fact that there is no one reason that the show was canceled.

However, you shouldn’t feel too sorry for the Robertsons since their family business, Duck Commander, continues to be very profitable, and it’s probable that it will stay so for as long as there are ducks to shoot.