Why Did Country Radio Pull Brothers Osborne Song?

Why Did Country Radio Pull Brothers Osborne Song
According to Billboard, the Brothers Osborne’s jab during their acceptance speech was a reference to the decision made by their record company, EMI Records Nashville, to stop promoting their song “I’m Not for Everyone” to country radio after the song “stalled in the high 30s on the chart.”

Why did they pull Brothers Osborne Off radio?

Osborne said to the crowd that was present at the awards presentation that took place at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas that “about a week ago, they yanked our song from country radio,” and that he needed “a little wind put in our sails.” Osborne was alluding to his brother’s band Brothers Osborne and their hit tune “I’m Not For Everyone,” which was played on the radio.

Was Brothers Osborne song pulled from the radio?

The upbeat track “I’m Not For Everyone” by Brothers Osborne was just removed from country radio, and the men are feeling down and discouraged as a result of the bad news. When TJ Osborne accidentally revealed that the song had been scrapped during the duo’s on-camera victory speech at the ACM Awards on Monday night, he caused quite a stir.

Does Brothers Osborne have a boyfriend?

Why Did Country Radio Pull Brothers Osborne Song TJ Osborne celebrated the birthday of his boyfriend, referring to him as his “Corazón.” In a very sweet Instagram post, the Grammy-winning Brothers Osborne musician made his feelings for his boyfriend’s girlfriend, Abi Ventura, known to the world. May 02 2022 10:09 AM EDT True love still exists! The fact that country artist TJ Osborne is gay and that he is dating Abi Ventura is evidence of this fact.

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In a recent Instagram post that the country singer, who is best known for fronting the Grammy-winning musical duo Brothers Osborne with his brother John, shared with his followers over the weekend, the 37-year-old celebrated Ventura’s recent birthday by sharing a pic of the two of them looking super close and cuddly with each other and kissing while having fun and relaxing in a pool.

Osborne is best known for fronting the musical duo Brothers Osborne with his brother John. Osborne’s public proclamation of support for Ventura is significant for a number of reasons, one of which is that he referred to Ventura as “my corazón,” which literally translates to “my heart” in Spanish.

And Osborne’s apparent devotion for his boyfriend is making the rest of us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Osborne stated in the caption accompanying the photo, “Abi, your entrance into this planet has fundamentally altered mine for all of eternity.” “Before meeting you, I had no idea what people meant when they said they felt noticed, but after talking to you, I really understand what it’s like to finally feel like I belong somewhere.

You see me. I see you. I’ve never felt love like this. I’ve never felt happiness like this. I am grateful to you for loving me in spite of who I am. Best wishes on your birthday, mi.” Osborne and Ventura have shown some public displays of affection toward one another before.

  1. At the 2021 Country Music Association Awards, the two of them generated a great deal of media attention throughout the previous fall.
  2. Osborne gave a brief but sweet kiss to Ventura on camera and in front of the crowd of his musical peers when the Brothers Osborne took home the trophy for best vocal duo of the year and headed on stage to accept the prize.
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This was the first time in the history of the annual awards show that a same-sex kiss was broadcast. Ventura and Osborne are both members of the band the Brothers Osborne. Later on in the same month, Osborne also uploaded a picture of the two looking quite relationship-y on his Instagram Story for the first time, giving us all a glimpse at what can only be described as being really serious couple goals! You should know by now that the cutest examples of gay love are our absolute favorites to observe.

Did the Brothers Osborne won the Voice?

Brothers Osborne accompanied by Chevel Shepherd, the winner of The Voice Season 15.