Why Can’T Spotify Play Current Song?

Why Can
When using the desktop application of Spotify, certain users have reported experiencing a problem that displays the message “Can’t play the current song” whenever they attempt to play a song. It appears that the error message in question is only generated by a subset of the tracks, since the remainder of the music may be played without any problems.

  • In addition to this, the tracks in question function correctly whether using the mobile version of the app, as well as when using a browser.
  • The issue at hand may have resulted from a number of different factors, the most likely of which are the entries contained inside your hosts file as well as the offline song cache.

In this post, we are going to demonstrate how to fix the error message that was stated; thus, all you need to do is read the instructions that we are going to provide further down in this article. Message indicating that the Current Song Cannot Be Played As it turns out, Spotify is the most popular audio streaming service provider, and while the applications operate just fine for the most part, there are certain circumstances in which you may come into problems such as the installation error 53. Why Can

  • Offline Song Cache – The offline song cache is the first potential source of the issue at hand, which may be why it occurred in the first place. Parts of the music or podcasts that you listen to are saved locally on your device whenever you do so. Error messages may be generated if this cache sustains any kind of damage or corruption.
  • Crossfade Settings on Your Desktop Version of Spotify One other thing that might be causing the problem is the crossfade settings that you have on your desktop version of Spotify. In order to solve the issue, you will need to adjust the crossfade such that it is at 0.
  • Windows hosts File — The problem may also develop as a result of certain entries present in your hosts file, one of which is Spotify. This is the case in some instances. In the event that this occurs, all that is required to fix the problem is for you to delete the aforementioned entries.
  • DNS Server – The DNS server that you are using on your computer is another potential source of the error message in question. Changing the DNS server on your PC is a rather straightforward process, and doing so will allow you to put an end to the problem that you are experiencing.
  • Installation of Spotify – Lastly, the installation files of the Spotify app might potentially be the cause of the problem that was described earlier. This may occur if the file or files in question are corrupted or damaged in some way. As a result, the issue ought to be resolved by conducting a fresh installation of Spotify.

Now that we have gone over the list of potential reasons, let’s move on to the various solutions that you may use in order to address the problem that we have been discussing.

Why does Spotify keep saying can’t play the current song?

Adjusting the Level of Audio Quality in Spotify on an Android or iOS Device – Choose the gear icon in the Home tab of the Spotify mobile app to access the Settings menu and make changes to this configuration. In the section titled Settings, move the slider labeled “Auto adjust quality” to the Off setting.

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Why is my Spotify saying Spotify can’t play this right now?

It is frustrating when you try to listen to a music, but you keep getting an error notice that says “Spotify can’t play this right now, If you have a file on your computer you can import it.” This error occurs most frequently when there is a problem with either the application or the computer, or when there are no music available in the region being searched.

  • Because of this problem, the Spotify app runs more slowly and has more hiccups.
  • In most cases, simply restarting the application as well as the computer would fix the problem.
  • But in the event that neither of those solutions resolves the problem, the other options are here to assist you in doing so.
  • This Song Is Not Currently Playable on Spotify.

The following is a list of the reasons why Spotify is unable to play the songs:

  • Slow Internet Connection Spotify may frequently stop playing music if your internet connection is not functioning properly or if your Wi-Fi keeps dropping out. If you have any of these issues, you will need to disconnect from your Wi-Fi network and then rejoin to it before attempting to repair this problem.
  • The Spotify app has become unresponsive
  • this is the quickest and most straightforward way to repair the problem. This problem can occur when the Spotify app becomes unresponsive for no apparent reason, or when a bug of some kind causes it. However, you may repair the issue by restarting the application.
  • Users typically choose to make use of third-party applications in order to keep the health of their Windows operating system in good condition. On the other hand, such software can occasionally mistakenly identify essential files as having a defect and cause those files to crash. Because of this, Spotify is unable to play the tracks. Therefore, reinstalling the application is your best bet for resolving this problem.
  • Incorrect entries in the cache: The program relies on the cache to store temporary data so that it can function normally. However, these cache files can frequently become corrupted due to overloading or when a large number of programs are executed simultaneously. It is therefore possible for you to easily start the application after deleting these locally saved cache files.

Why is Spotify not playing the song I want?

5. Ensure that your version of Spotify is up to date. If your version of Spotify isn’t up to current, the app may not play music. Check that the Spotify app is set to receive automatic updates and switch them on. You may also check to see whether a new version of Spotify is available by heading to the App Store on an iOS or macOS device, or the Google Play Store on an Android device, and selecting the Spotify app from the menu that appears.

Why are some songs unplayable on Spotify?

The reason for this is most likely because the music label associated with the artist or the artist themselves have made the decision to remove it off Spotify. It is up to the artist and their record company to decide whether or not their song will be available on Spotify.

  1. Your playlists will continue to display the songs and albums, allowing you to monitor their whereabouts at all times.
  2. Make sure to navigate to the options menu and look for the option that displays tracks that are not accessible.
  3. Spotify is committed to providing you with access to all of the music in the world and is making significant progress toward this goal.
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However, there are situations when it is impossible to come to an arrangement with the artist or label, or there may be a shift in the ownership of the song. There are certain instances in which the music is only accessible in specific nations, while others are unable to listen to it at all.

Sometimes the album or song will be temporarily removed, only to be made available once again at a later period. If you are using the Spotify website, you will also need to go all the way down to the very bottom and then click on the flag in the top right corner of the page. You will be sent to a website where you may change your language and country settings when you click on the link.

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How do I restart my Spotify?

4. Reset Network Settings When you reset the network settings on your smartphone, the cellular and WiFi network configurations will revert back to their original, factory-default states. When you do a reset, any virtual private network (VPN) configurations that you might be utilizing will also be deleted.

Why does Spotify say can’t play the current song on my Mac?

Try Restarting Your Computer If you’re using Spotify on your desktop or the Spotify online app, and you’re seeing an error message when a song is playing, try restarting your computer. It’s possible that restarting your computer can fix the underlying problems with your operating system that are causing Spotify to malfunction, and it will also provide the music app with a clean slate to work with.

Is there a limit on free Spotify?

When comparing Free Spotify to Spotify Premium, the sound quality of the latter is superior. Users of Spotify presently do not have access to a high-resolution option, regardless of the sort of subscription they have. All of the file formats that Spotify accepts are considered to be lossy, and they are AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and HE-AACv2 (depending on the type of device you’re using to stream to Spotify).

There are still some differences in the sound quality between Free Spotify and Spotify Premium. With Free Spotify, the highest bitrate you can stream at is 128 kbps on the web player and 160 kbps on the mobile and desktop apps, whereas with Spotify Premium, you have access to 256 kbps on the web player and 320 kbps streaming on desktop and mobile devices.

Simply put, this indicates that the music available on Spotify Premium comprises a greater number of audio data points, and as a result, a higher level of sonic detail.

Streaming Service Max streaming quality Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) Supported Formats
Streaming Service Qobuz Max streaming quality 24bit / 192kHz Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 1,411 Supported Formats AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA Lossless
Streaming Service Amazon Music HD Max streaming quality 24bit / 192kHz Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 3,730 Supported Formats FLAC
Streaming Service Tidal HiFi Max streaming quality 24bit / 192kHz Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 4,608 Supported Formats AAC, ALAC, FLAC, MQA
Streaming Service Deezer HiFi Max streaming quality 16bit / 44.1kHz Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 1,411 Supported Formats FLAC
Streaming Service Google Play Music Max streaming quality 320kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 320 Supported Formats AAC, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA
Streaming Service Deezer Premium Max streaming quality 320kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) Supported Formats MP3
Streaming Service Spotify Premium Max streaming quality 320kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 320 Supported Formats AAC, Ogg Vorbis
Streaming Service Apple Music Max streaming quality 24bit / 192kHz Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 256 Supported Formats AAC
Streaming Service YouTube Music Premium Max streaming quality 256kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 256 Supported Formats AAC
Streaming Service SoundCloud Go+ Max streaming quality 256kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 256 Supported Formats AAC
Streaming Service Slacker Radio Max streaming quality 320kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 320 Supported Formats MP3
Streaming Service Pandora Max streaming quality 192kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 192 Supported Formats AAC
Streaming Service Spotify Free Max streaming quality 160kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) 128 Supported Formats AAC
Streaming Service Deezer Free Max streaming quality 128kbps Max Desktop Quality(kb/s) Supported Formats MP3

Spotify Premium does offer a greater quality than Free Spotify, however there is no high resolution or “HiFi” setting available in the Premium version of the service. On the other hand, on February 22, 2021, Spotify announced the launch of Spotify HiFi, a lossless audio streaming tier that would compete with providers such as Deezer, Tidal HiFi, and Amazon Music HD.

Why does Spotify only play certain songs on my playlist?

Because you are using an older version of Spotify, it is likely that the reason why your Spotify Shuffle play is not random is because Spotify could have already updated their Shuffle play algorithm. However, you will never know this because Spotify will continue to play the same song over and over again even though they have already updated their algorithm.

Why is Spotify not working on iPhone?

It’s likely that the version of Spotify installed on your iPhone is out of date, and that it’s suffering from a bug that a more recent update has already fixed. Launch the App Store, then touch on the symbol that looks like your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen.

Why is Spotify Not Playing 2022?

Why Isn’t Spotify Working Correctly? – Consumer applications experience failure on a regular basis; they are not flawless! Also included in this category is the Spotify music app. There might be a number of reasons why the app is not functioning properly, including, but not limited to: Local files that are corrupted problems with an operating system such as Windows or AndroidA connection to the internet that is unreliable There have been platform-wide as well as local disruptions.

  1. There are additional applications like Facebook or Discord that link to Spotify and play a variety of music from the service.
  2. Those connections might be problematic if their initial configuration wasn’t done correctly.
  3. The good news is that the majority of these problems may be easily resolved in a short amount of time.

However, the first thing you need to do is determine whether or not the issue is confined to a certain location or affects the entire world.