Why Can’T I Unhide A Song On Spotify?

Why Can
For Android Users – Simply open the Spotify app on your Android device, and then touch on the cog symbol located at the very top of the screen to access its Settings. From this screen, navigate to the Playback Settings menu and activate the option labeled “Show unplayable tracks.” You should now save your modifications, return to any playlist, and then hit the Hide/Unhide option once again to bring the song back into view.

What happens if you hide a song in a playlist?

How To Unhide Songs On Spotify

The function “Hide this song” does not work. It is necessary to do so. Either that isn’t the case or I just don’t get it. This is how I believe it should operate. To conceal a song, there ought to be a toggle switch (at the bottom of the. menu on the app) that you may use.

Because of this, the song will no longer play from any of your playlists, nor will it play in any daily mixes, radios, or other similar media. This song will be placed to a playlist inside your collection or hidden away in the settings that is referred to as “Hidden tracks.” You may reveal songs that have been hidden in this playlist by clicking the.

menu next to the song in question and then selecting “Unhide this song.” What ends up taking place in practice It would appear that the option to “Hide this song” is only accessible for songs that are included in albums or playlists, and not for the song that is now being played.

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When I pick the settings for the song that is presently being played, the option to conceal tracks does not appear at all even if I have a playlist set to shuffle. Okay, whatever, it’s bothersome, but it’s simply a problem in the system. The main trouble arises once I have buried a music. It is unavailable for selection in the playlist, but not on the album itself.

It is possible for me to play the music by tapping on it, but there is no choice for me to reveal it. It does not appear in any of the hidden song lists, and there does not appear to be any indication that such a list exists on either the mobile app or the desktop version, either under playlists, artists, or albums.

According to what I can tell about my customer, this music will remain buried indefinitely. Is there something I’m not doing right? Although I am aware that Spotify has had several major flaws that have been unfixed for extended periods of time, you would think that the company would be watching the numerous reports that this function is difficult to use and broken.

Any assistance that may be provided by anyone would be very much appreciated. /rant