Which Statement Correctly Describes The Song Dynasty?

Which Statement Correctly Describes The Song Dynasty
Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the Song Dynasty? The tests for entry into the civil service were developed by the dynasty in order to choose the most qualified candidates for government jobs.

What was an accomplishments by the Song Dynasty of China?

The Song dynasty was the first government in Chinese history to build a permanent standing fleet, as well as the first in the history of the world to produce banknotes, also known as real paper money. During this era, the first chemical formula for gunpowder was documented, and gunpowder weaponry like as fire arrows, bombs, and the fire lance were invented.

What major events happened during the Song dynasty?

During this time period in Chinese history, the Song dynasty was ruled by Emperor Ningzong. The Mongols launch an assault on Song China and plunder more than 90 towns. The city of Beijing is taken by the Mongols. The period of time during which Emperor Lizong of China’s Song dynasty ruled.

Who ruled during the Song dynasty?

Taizu, Wade-Giles romanization T’ai-tsu was the personal name (xingming) of Zhao Kuangyin, the Chinese emperor, military leader, and statesman who founded the Song dynasty. He was born in 927 in Luoyang, China, and passed away on November 14, 976, in Kaifeng. T’ai-tsu was the temple name (miaohao) of the Chinese emperor who reigned from 960 to 976. (960–1279).