Which 80’S Sitcom Used The Billy Joel’S Hit My Life As Its Theme Song During The Opening Credits?

Which 80

Bosom Buddies
Opening theme ‘My Life’ by Billy Joel (original prints) ‘Shake Me Loose’ by Stephanie Mills (syndicated prints)
Ending theme ‘Shake Me Loose’ (instrumental)
Country of origin United States
Original language English

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When did Bosom Buddies change theme song?

Which 80 Billy Joel’s “My Life” was featured on the Bosom Buddies album. The upbeat Billy Joel tune was featured in the original version of Bosom Buddies, which was released between 1980 and 1982. The film is most famous for being Tom Hanks’ big break. However, during replays of the show, the song was switched out with Stephanie Mills’s rendition of “Shake Me Loose.” In “The Wiz,” she played the role of Dorothy! CBS Television Distribution 4 is depicted here.

Who sang the song my Life with Billy Joel?

A departure from the traditional piano ballad, “My Life” from the album 52nd Street reached number two on the adult contemporary chart in the United States and number three on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was nonetheless heavily influenced by the New York soul sound.

The lyrics of the song speak about directionless Americans who wander around looking for their place in life. One of the characters decides to leave his “American” fairytale existence behind in favor of a life of fame and glitter in California. The other character is thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of just lounging about.

Perfect Strangers Opening Credits and Theme Song

They go in the direction that they feel is right for them, regardless of what other people advise. Peter Cetera and Donnie Dacus, two members of the band Chicago, provided the backup vocals and also sang together with Billy Joel at the bridge and the outro of the song.

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When did Billy Joel write and so it goes?

The song was written for the first time in 1983, at the same time that Joel was composing songs for An Innocent Man. However, because that album had a vintage theme, ‘And So It Goes’ was not included on that album, and it was not released until Storm Front.

Why did Billy Joel stop singing in the Hollywood Bowl?

During a radio interview in 2008, Billy Joel stated that he no longer performs the song because singing it in its high original key “shreds” his vocal chords. However, he did ultimately play it live for the first time since 1982 when he played it at the Hollywood Bowl in May of this year.