Where To Get Song Of Resonance Lost Ark?

Where To Get Song Of Resonance Lost Ark
The Song of Resonance can only be obtained by purchasing it from an NPC named Treasure Hunter Igran. This is the only way to obtain the Song of Resonance. Igran may be found aboard the cruise ship Peyto, which is located in the Sea of Gienah, not far from the island of Pleccia, to the west of Anikka or Port City Changhun.

  1. After you have boarded the ship, navigate to the ship’s southeastern portion and speak with the Treasure Hunter named Igran.
  2. You may track his whereabouts using this link: Igran can be found just around here somewhere.
  3. | © Smilegate/Amazon Igran will make available, for purchase with Pirate money, a variety of things, one of which being the Song of Resonance.

It will cost you 16,500 Pirate coins, which is not exactly a small sum of money, but this song is truly one of the best. Check out our walkthrough on how to swiftly get Pirate Coins if you are in need of some currency.

Where is the sound of resonance Lost Ark?

Location of the Song of Resonance: The Song of Resonance may be found aboard the Peyto Cruise Ship, if we are talking about the location of the Song of Resonance in the game Lost Ark. Treasure Hunter Igran, a non-player character that can be found in the Treasure Shoppe, is the one who can provide you with it.

  • In order to access some of the greatest Ships in Lost Ark and traverse the seas, you need to have a player level of 35 or above.
  • Only then will you be able to go on the ship at this level.
  • You will need to cruise to the Peyto, proceed to the upper level, and pay the required amount of Pirate money in order to purchase the song.
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In the event that you do not have enough Pirate coins and are in urgent need of money, you may easily earn them by performing missions on tiny islands such as DrumBeat Island. These tasks can be found on a number of different islands.

Where can I buy a minuet Song?

In order to get the Song of Resonance, you will need to make a purchase from Treasure Hunter Igran when you are on the Peyto cruise ship. Sail to the location, make your way upstairs, and pay 16,500 Pirate Coins to purchase the song. On your map, the cruise ship Peyto will be marked in a manner similar to that of an island. Where To Get Song Of Resonance Lost Ark

Where can I buy the Lost Ark lullaby?

Click here to view a larger image of the question “Where Is Lost Ark Lullaby Island?” You will need to have reached the end-game part of Lost Ark in order to enter Lullaby Island. This means that your combat level must be at least 50, and you will need to have access to Lost Ark ships.

Claiming the Song of Resonance is a very critical step that must be taken before even beginning the search for the island. You may purchase this song from an NPC named Treasure Hunter Igran for 16,500 Lost Ark Pirate Coins. Completing the tasks on Lullaby Island requires you to have this, and you can get it from him.

The Deck Ship on Pleccia Island, which is located to the west of the Anikka continent, is where he is now residing. Anikka is located exactly south-west of Lullaby Island, which is fortunate because the island is relatively near to this region as well.

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How do you open the secret entrance to Lullaby Island?

Mokoko Seeds #3 and #4 – In order to obtain the third and fourth Mokoko Seed, you will need to hold off until the beginning of the cooperative mission. Make use of the Song of Resonance to unlock the hidden door, and then proceed through it after it has been activated. Where To Get Song Of Resonance Lost Ark