When Was The Song Tragedy By Nowhere Left Released?

When Was The Song Tragedy By Nowhere Left Released
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When did the song Nowhere come out?

This page pertains to the song titled “Therapy?” See “Nowhere (disambiguation)” for a list of songs with similar titles by various artists.

Single by Therapy?
from the album Troublegum
Released 17 January 1994
Genre Pop-punk punk metal pop-metal
Label A&M
Songwriter(s) Andy Cairns
Producer(s) Chris Sheldon
Therapy? singles chronology


” Opal Mantra ” (1993) ” Nowhere ” (1994) ” Trigger Inside ” (1994)


The rock band Therapy is responsible for the song ” Nowhere,” which was released as a single by A&M Records on January 17, 1994. One week later, on the 24th of January in 1994, a remix CD was made available. This track may be found on the album titled “Troublegum.” The song peaked at position number 18 on the UK Singles Chart and position number 6 on the Ireland Singles Chart.

Who sings “tragedy”?

If you appreciate what you are seeing, please share it on social networks and tell your friends about The Paul McCartney Project so they can check it out. The song known as “Tragedy” was written by Fred B. Burch and Gerald H. Nelson. In 1959, a rendition of the song performed by Thomas Wayne and the DeLons made it all the way up to number five on the Billboard Top 100.

Who originally sang tragedy by Thomas Wayne?

Other recordings can be found at: A cover song performed by The Fleetwoods in 1961 reached number 10 on the charts. It was also recorded in 1969 by Brian Hyland, although it was only able to reach position #56 on the charts. Paul McCartney and Wings also cut a version of the song that was intended to be included on the double album titled Red Rose Speedway.

  1. Later on, they decided against releasing a 2-LP set and instead came out with a single record using the same title but omitting the word “Tragedy” from the track listing.
  2. The Wings version was included in the deluxe edition of Red Rose Speedway that was published in 2018, and it featured the double album that was originally intended to be released.

On the album Brenda Lee released in 1961 titled “All the Way,” she included a cover of the song. Bette Midler, who is both an actress and a singer, included a cover of the song on the album Songs For the New Depression that she released in 1976. In 1976, pop and country artist Ronnie Dove attempted to record a country cover of the song, but the result was unsuccessful on the charts.

When did tragedy by steps come out?

In 1998, the band Steps released their version of the song “Tragedy” as a double A-side with “Heartbeat.” On the UK Singles Chart, it began at position number 2, and after eight weeks, it had climbed all the way to the top place, earning it platinum certification in the process.