When God Is Near Song?

When God Is Near Song
The Way You Look at It Is the Key to Understanding His Silence – There is a way in which God is never quiet. He has already spoken to us via his word, and by taking on human form and dying on the cross for us, he has paid for our everlasting redemption.

This is talking, and speaking is not the same thing as quiet! It’s possible that what we perceive as God’s silence is actually just our incapacity or, in some situations (though by no means all), our refusal to hear what he has to say. The good news is that the hearing loss experienced by God’s children does not have to be permanent.

In addition, there is the assurance that there will be a resurrection, thus this state won’t be forever. According to Psalm 19:1, the skies proclaim God’s magnificence to the world. Romans 1:20 demonstrates how unmistakably creation demonstrates the existence of God.

Not only does God communicate via the Bible, but also through creation at large. If I’m feeling down, I find that taking Maggie, our dog, for a walk or riding my bike through the beautiful scenery of Oregon is frequently more therapeutic for me than listening to an inspiring sermon or reading an engaging book.

Nevertheless, even when we can’t hear God, we can continue to show up and open his word, day after day, to look at what he has already said — and done — and contemplate and memorize it until we realize that this is not silence but rather God speaking to us.

This can help us recognize that God is speaking to us even when we can’t hear him. Naturally, there is still a subjectivist part of us that yearns to hear from God in a manner that is more intimate. Elijah described the voice of God as “a soft whisper” (1 Kings 19:12). The trouble with speaking in a low whisper is that it is difficult to hear what is being said — especially when the wind is blowing all around us! Why does God sometimes speak in such a soft voice that it is difficult to understand what he is saying? It’s possible that the solution lies in pushing us to our own personal limits.

to encourage us to quiet ourselves and look for him. In addition, to strengthen our faith in the hope that it will one day enable us to improve our hearing or improve the clarity of our speech.

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Is God’s silence always silent?

Prayer is answered by God. But there are times when God remains silent. As Christians, each one of us has been there, or will be there, at some point. Even though we may seek God with all of our heart, we may only hear stillness in response. This quiet may be incredibly trying, aggravating, and even unbearable at times.

  1. The book of Job narrates the narrative of a man named Job who was familiar with the stillness that followed after God’s presence.
  2. In the midst of his anguish and agony, he called out to God.
  3. He inquired about the responses.
  4. And he continued asking.
  5. But throughout the first 37 chapters of the Book of Job, Job is met with nothing but the deafening silence of God in response to his calls for rescue and comfort from God.

As Christians, we are not going to always be able to hear God’s voice, but we may learn a few useful things to do in situations where it appears as though God is mute from Job.

Is God silent in your life as you wait for answers?

Voice from the Storm – At long last, after all of the doubting and struggling, God spoke in the form of a voice coming from within a storm. When God started the process of creation, God questioned Job about where Job was. What had Job done to cause the cosmos to come into being, to create his own life, or to make it possible for him to have belongings, children, and good health? You would think that God would have responded to all of those chapters of queries from Job and his friends by this point given how eloquent Job and his friends had been waxing about God and how he operates.

  1. You may think that God would have cleared everything out by now, especially the nitpicky details.
  2. But he didn’t act in such manner at all.
  3. He responded to Job’s queries with his own series of questions, which spanned four chapters, in order to impress upon Job the gravity of the situation: Job was interrogating the all-powerful God.
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God didn’t explain. He did not divulge the details of his overall strategy. Instead, he showed himself to Job, and in the midst of his tremendous presence, none of Job’s inquiries were answered; rather, they just vanished. The LORD then spoke to Job, saying, “Do you persist in wanting to debate with the Supreme Being? You criticize God, but do you have any solutions to his questions?” Then Job spoke back to the LORD, saying, “I am nothing; thus, it is impossible for me to discover the answers. When God Is Near Song

How can I encourage myself when God is silent?

1. Spend time in God’s Word. When we are in a place where we cannot hear God speaking to us, we may still read and reflect on the words that He has written. The Bible has all of the responses that we are seeking for. The Scriptures that God has given us contain his promises, and we have the ability to take them as our own.

Bible passages that speak about God’s silence might serve as a source of encouragement for you. There are many people who have tried to come to terms with God’s silence, and they have clung to the hope that He will eventually speak. King David had an encounter with the stillness that God commands and wrote about it.

“I call out to you, Lord; you are the foundation of my life; do not ignore what I have to say. Because if you continue to be silent, I shall be just like those who are thrown into the abyss ” (Psalm 28:1). You will get encouragement from hearing a narrative like the one of King David, who, like you, went through times when the Lord appeared to be silent.

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Is God on Mute?

4. What Are You Ignoring by Turning It Down? – You might want to brace yourself, since the next one might hurt. God may be communicating to you non-stop. On the other hand, your disobedience and sin may have caused Him to speak less clearly to you. I know.

  • Ouch. However, you must be truthful with yourself.
  • During the whole time that the pastor is speaking, you remain seated in church, nod occasionally, and be sure to take notes.
  • However, you choose to ignore the portions of the message that are designed to make you feel guilty about the sin in your life.

You are outraged and want to know, “What sin?” Do you still remember the Ten Commandments? Choose one of these: putting other people to death with your words. Putting someone or something on a higher level than God. Participation in sexually offensive behavior (you knew that one was coming).