Undertale The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans?

Undertale The Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans
The Undertale Soundtrack currently has 72 tracks, and Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans is the 72nd one. It reminds me of the song “sans,” but in a sped-up rendition of the tune. In spite of what the song’s name suggests, it was never utilized in the game.

Where does the song that might play when you fight Sans play in Undertale?

MEGALOVANIA is the name of the real song that plays when you engage in combat with Sans. The song “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans” comes in at position number 72 on the Undertale Soundtrack. It reminds me of a sped-up version of the song ” sans,” which I really like.

What is the song that plays when you fight Asriel?

According to Nadia Oxford of USgamer, the boss tune “Hopes and Dreams,” which plays when the player is battling Asriel in a run-through in which the player does not kill any monsters, brings back most of the primary character themes and is “a fantastic way to close off your trip.”

What is the song that plays when you fight Asgore?

Music Guide The 77th tune that can be found on the Undertale Soundtrack is titled ASGORE. It is the continuation of Bergentrückung, and it is played as Asgore is engaged in battle.

What does 201X mean?

201X was an Ordinary Unknown Year, but somebody worked out that it’s between 2020 and 2012, which indicates that it’s either 2017 or later, and the beginning of the narrative is now.

How many kills do you need to fight Sans?

You may rack up more kills if you deplete some of the kill counts before going up against the minibosses and if you look for the “Warrior’s Path” in the CORE area of the map. The overall number is most likely somewhere between 95 and 120, however rather than focusing on the kill count, it is probably more productive to concentrate on the other features of the Genocide Route, such as encounters without enemies, slower music, and unusual conversation.

What God is Asriel?

Lord Asriel, who is based on Satan from Milton’s Paradise Lost, is a gentlemanly demon who plots to dethrone God and establish a Republic of Heaven. His goals are inspired by Satan’s.

Is Asriel a Chara?

Asriel Dreemurr — After falling into the Underground, Chara was rescued by Asriel, who then brought her to his parents, Toriel and Asgore, to be raised as their own. Both of them were siblings, and throughout their childhood, they were inseparable companions.

What soul is Asriel?

Trivia – Asriel now possesses the same level of power as a human wizard thanks to the Rainbow Soul. Only Asriel has a Rainbow Soul within them. No one else does. There is only one soul with the Rainbow Soul, and that soul possesses a very little amount of each quality.

Camila was the one who verified it. Whatever was left of Chara’s soul was transformed into a vessel that serves as a repository for each quality included in Asriel’s Rainbow Soul. The Rainbow Soul is the most a monster may get to a determination soul without really possessing one. The monster version of a soul with the Determination quality is a Determination soul like that of Asriel, who possesses all seven human soul attributes.

However, because he is a monster, the characteristics do not mix together and instead become crimson when they combine. This provides an explanation for how Asriel was able to defy death in Hope.

Is Sans stronger than Asgore?

▼ (undertale spoilers) It’s possible that this is correct, taking into account that Asgore is a boss monster. It is common knowledge that boss monsters are “the toughest type of all.” On the other hand, it is not clear whether or if a boss monster would be more powerful than a monster that was constructed from determination (such as Undyne the Undying).

Concerning Sans, it is not known exactly where he gets his power from, nor is it known how this compares to the naturally greater strength that is possessed by a boss monster. As you pointed out, there is one thing that is definite, and that is that Asgore does not make an all-out effort to defeat Frisk.

If Asgore is able to beat Frisk to the point where they give up and never return, he will have the last soul he needs to fulfill his vow, which is to release his people and destroy humanity. If Asgore had any intention of engaging in combat, his name probably should have been written in yellow.

Asgore’s destruction of the Compassion button, however, is analogous to him categorically declining Frisk’s offer of mercy because he has already decided to engage in this conflict. » learn more about how all deceased persons may be saved and loaded. » read more: asgore’s suicide It is not known, however, whether or not Flowey has engaged in combat with Undyne the Undying.

After fact, Undyne is only changed into a determined character during the genocide branch of the story when she understands that the fate of the entire world is in jeopardy. UNDYNE: You’ll wipe off every last one of them, won’t you? Monsters Humans Hopes for everyone Hopes for everyone.

  1. Aspirations shared by everybody.
  2. In an instant, they were defeated.
  3. But I CANNOT allow you to act in that manner.
  4. At this precise moment, the people all across the world have a single heartbeat that I can feel.
  5. And we are all working toward the same end.
  6. To prevail against YOU. Human.
  7. No, YOU are NOT what you claim to be.

I, UNDYNE, will put an end to you for the sake of everyone and everything in the world! Because of this, and only because of this, Undyne is able to become Undyne the Undying through the genocide path. This is the only method in which this is possible.

Despite the fact that Flowey asserts that he “killed everyone,” it is possible that Flowey did not pose a threat to the planet. It is said that “Only beings with a strong SOUL may depart” beyond the barrier, yet Flowey is only a soulless flower. continue reading: Monsters have just as much resolve as humans do.

Flowey seems to be implying that Sans has given him a difficult time in the past, to the point that he had to reset. It is unclear if this occurred simply because Sans stood in Flowey’s way or because the two of them ended up battling each other. However, the fact that Flowey takes the time to particularly caution Frisk about Sans is revealing.

  • FLOWEY: I’m sure you are.
  • Smiley Trashbag. Say.
  • If there is ONE bit of advise that I could give you, it would be DON’T.
  • It is up to his brother.
  • Find out as much as possible about you.
  • He’ll well Let’s just say.
  • He’s been responsible for more than his share of resets on my end.
  • Eep your distance from the man.

Given that one of Flowey’s attacks as Photoshop Flowey is comparable to Sans’s gasterblaster assault, it is possible that the two had battled each other in the past. Another possibility is that he saw Sans or maybe Papyrus employ the move firsthand before he used it himself.

  • If Sans had battled Flowey, this would contradict the belief that Flowey has never faced Undyne the Undying – both of these confrontations can only take place when everyone on the planet is in peril and death is imminent.
  • Sans, on the other hand, does not have to sacrifice themselves in order to obtain immense strength as Undyne does; all they have to do is be resolute.

It’s possible that Sans had a stronger motivation to halt the temporal anomaly before Frisk got hurt. It’s possible that he had been actively searching for Flowey, but that he eventually gave up and got disheartened when his reports demonstrated that the resets persisted.

Can you win without killing Asgore?

Helpful Hints Regarding The Ruins – You will start receiving mobile phone calls from Toriel with some one-of-a-kind speech if you remain in the region she advises you to stay in. Don’t forget to get yourself a Spider Donut! You might have to do some additional grinding to acquire some gold, but this item is quite useful for a later encounter.

  1. Hold tight to the Butterscotch Pie if this is your first time playing through the game and you are forced to fight King Asgore.
  2. If you are playing through the game again to get to the True Ending, you will not need the pie.
  3. If you are having trouble with a particularly challenging foe, consult the Bestiary that is included in this book.

The most of the common foes in this area are not that difficult to Spare. The Vegetoid is one of the foes that presents the most difficulty in this region. There are two different approaches to end the conflict with this foe in a civilized manner. The first strategy is to do damage to him until he is “bruised,” then use Devour to recover 5 health from him.

  • Just make sure you don’t end up killing him! It seems like three medium assaults should be sufficient.
  • The choice of Dinner is the second alternative, and it is the one that is more conventional.
  • For the Spare option to become available, you have to avoid his strikes by dashing into one of the green areas.

Tips for the Pacifist Boss: Napstablook You may help cheer up Napstablook, the ghost that wanders the Ruins, by using Cheer several times. As you go through the less challenging puzzles and investigate the side locations in search of supplemental items, you will soon reach Toriel’s house.

  1. Although there isn’t much to discover in this area, first-time players should look into anything they can to gain some context and understanding of the game.
  2. If you use the bed that is supplied, when you wake up you will find a butterscotch pie and you will be allowed to proceed.
  3. Engage in conversation with Toriel, and then follow her down into the basement.
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This is the first boss fight you will face in the game, and she will make an effort to defend you by stopping you from leaving. Tips for the Nonviolent Leader: Toriel In order to go forward, you must always use Spare. It takes a great number of Spare tries before the fight may eventually be won! You will take damage from Toriel, but if your health falls too low, she will avoid attacking you.

After finishing this area of the game, you will be able to go on to the Snowdin chapter of the adventure. The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary You have to adore sans and Papyrus, don’t you think? These skeleton brothers will serve as your mentors as you progress through the game to the next chapter.

The Snowdin forest and town are also one of the easiest parts of the game, but it’s also one of the most interesting parts of the game. Have fun and be sure to follow the brothers as they explore the region. Helpful hints for Snowdin: It is not necessary to have the piece of the snowman that you get early on in the region; all it does is initiate some conversation if you are carrying it when you finish a neutral run through of the game.

  • Even though the innkeeper indicates that staying at the hotel would cost you 80g, you are able to remain there for free, and doing so will result in a 10 point increase to your maximum health.
  • You will discover 30g if you search through all of the snow poofs.
  • For the Pacifist playthrough, the Bisicle consumable is one of the most helpful items you may have.

Because it can be used twice and restores 11 HP, it’s almost like having two different healing items in one! Because you will never have more than 20 health points at any point in the game, its healing power is exceptional. The bandana is another item that should be considered for purchase at this store.

  1. Advice from the Pacifist Boss: Smaller Dog, Greater Dog, Doggo, and Dogi This area features a plethora of foes and monsters with a canine motif.
  2. Your very first weapon, the stick, may be thrown in order to earn a Spare once it has been used once.
  3. There are various methods to end these conflicts amicably, but using the stick is the simplest method, and it always results in the awarding of gold.

You will eventually arrive in the village of Snowdin proper after navigating through a number of challenging obstacles. If this is your first trip in the region, you should take your time and go sightseeing. There are a large number of personalities and stuff with whom to engage in conversation.

After you have completed your exploration of the area, travel to the east to face up against Papryus. Pacifist Boss Tips: Papyrus This boss fight is one of the most enjoyable moments during the entire experience. After being hit by Papyrus’ “special attack,” your soul will become a dark blue color, and you will fall to the ground in the arena.

Papyrus will attack with bone attacks; in order to defeat this monster, you will need to leap at the appropriate height and timing it correctly. If you survive the fight while using the “Flirt” option, you’ll be able to schedule a date with Papyrus at a later time.

When Papyrus sees that you have withstood his Special Attack, he will, um, spare you. You are free to go on to the next region at this time, but there are some things left undone before you leave. You should make your way back to the town and look for Papyrus outside of his house there. Have a conversation with him to get your date/hangout started.

It does not matter how you respond, because the decisions you make in this section will not have any bearing on the next one. Last but not least, before moving on to the next part of the level, Waterfall, be sure to stop and grab a bite to eat with sans.

The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary After the waterfall, the adventure begins to take on a more serious tone.

You are completely on your own in this area, with just the head of the Royal Guard, Undyne, pursuing you the entire time. She is a fairly frightening foe to go up against! If this is your first time going through, you may get some background information by reading the stories that are written on the walls and listening to the talking flowers.

There are a few easy puzzles to solve and pathways to take in this area, but nothing really challenging. Guidelines for the Waterfall, Part 1: Be sure to arrange the flowers in the first puzzle in the southeast direction so that you might obtain a unique consumable. Behind the first waterfall that has cascading rocks is where you’ll find a useful defensive item called the Dusty Tutu.

Weave across the field in a diagonal direction so that you may more easily sidestep the Undyne spears. The faster you go through the Undyne floor spears, the better, but you must come to a complete stop if one of the spears appears in front of you. Follow the route that is outlined below as a map to choose your next move.

It is not recommended that you purchase Nice Cream from the merchant. It is really more expensive than it was in the prior region, and in the near future there will be a more reliable provider. Tips for Being a Pacifist Boss, from a Mad Dummy You will finally meet the Mad Dummy when you reach the conclusion of this section.

To hurt you, he will employ other dummies as weapons; all you have to do is direct their attacks toward him for them to be effective. Because there is no Spare option for this monster, you must rely on his minions to provide sufficient damage to bring the fight to a successful conclusion.

The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary Waterfall: Part 2 of the Advice Series: The Temmie Village may be found to the southeast of the lantern trail.

This is an extremely useful location, since it is the only place in the game where you may sell stuff to a vendor. Because of this, it is incredibly important. You may get some good money by selling off your old weapons and equipment. You may send Temmie to college at a cost of one thousand gold, which will unlock some incredibly powerful armor for Temmie.

  • This is a highly pricey piece of armor, but it will become more affordable if your character suffers more deaths.
  • Gold farming requires a significant investment of both time and money, in addition to a significant level of dedication.
  • It is not anything that is suggested.
  • Some of the most useful things for the Pacifist run may be found from the Turtle Vendor.

When used, the Torn Notebook does not cause a significant amount of damage but instead grants the user increased invincibility. For the Pacifist play-through, in which you never engage in combat, this is the finest weapon you can have. Even if the Cloudy Glasses make the wearer more invisible, a piece of equipment with a higher defensive rating is almost always preferable.

  1. Proceed through the second part of Waterfall, making stops at Temmie Village, the Turtle Vendor, the Ghost House, and the snail races along the route.
  2. Although they are not worth your time, snail races are entertaining to watch.
  3. The next challenge that has to be conquered is the boss fight against Undyne, and it is not an easy one! Be sure that you have enough of goods that can heal you, and that your reflexes are as good as they can be.

Advice from the Pacifist Boss: Undyne Another combat of its like has never been seen before. You will now have control over a shield to defend your soul rather than using your soul to dodge assaults. The most important thing is to time your escape so that you can get away as quickly as possible after one of Undyne’s assaults.

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If you have good reactions and don’t die throughout your Flee attempts, you should be able to reach Hotworld in three or four tries. Be ready for the yellow arrows that Undyne launches at you to turn around and hit you from behind when they come at you from behind. This is going to be a tough fight, and it could take more than one attempt to win.

When you first come to Hotworld, you need make sure to offer Undyne some water so that you may make friends with her and then go to her house for a party-together. The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary The game comes to a close in the place known as Hotworld.

  1. Ing Asgore will appear in the last portion of the game if you have followed the guidelines of the Pacifist play-through and are on the Neutral play-through.
  2. After that, you will have the option to rewind the game and obtain the True Pacifist ending.
  3. During the latter part of the journey, the Royal Scientist, Alphys, will act as your guide.

She will make an effort to guide you through the area’s challenges, including the bosses and riddles, but you should get ready for your mobile phone to continually ring. Your adversary will be Mettaton, a television star robot that was created by Alphys.

  1. Because there are a lot of challenging foes in Hotworld, you should stock up on plenty of consumable items before venturing there.
  2. Part 1 of Hotworld: Some Advice: After participating in a game show with Mettaton and navigating a series of puzzles, you will come across the Royal Guards, who are the first boss of the region.

Following the completion of a few additional puzzles and a fight with Mettaton, you will come face to face with the subsequent boss, Muffet. Advice for the Nonviolent Overlord: Mettaton Keep an eye on Dr. Alphys’s hands for hints! If you want to win this fight, you’ll need to cheat.

Advice for Nonviolent Leaders: Royal Guards The attacks of the Guards can be rather formidable, yet they are not difficult to vanquish. “Clean” the armor of 02 till he takes it off, then “speak” something to 1. Advice from the Nonviolent Rebel Boss: Muffet Muffet is one of the most challenging bosses that you will face.

You might obtain a peaceful resolution in only one round if you bought and kept that Spider Donut from the Ruins. Simply consuming the doughnut when you are in the middle of a fight will grant you the ability to spare Muffet. Nice! Continue on your journey, and after one more meeting with the delightful Mettaton, you will come upon the MTT resort.

This is pretty much the final safe haven in the Undertale universe, so make sure you stock up before you go! The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary The first thing that has to be done in this situation is to go grab some food with sans.

Following a pleasant conversation over a dinner, you will have the opportunity to go about the neighborhood on your own. Part 2 of Hotworld: Some Advice: The stall to the right of the building sells a variety of interesting knickknacks, but nothing very necessary.

The enigmatic key allows access inside the Ghost House located in Waterfall. The merchant located within the building is of great assistance in ensuring your survival during the subsequent encounter with the boss. Glamburgers and other consumables are available for stockpiling in this location. You can spend 200 gold to spend the night at the hotel and gain a 10 maximum HP benefit, but considering that you can quick travel back to Snowdin with the ferryman and obtain a 10 maximum HP boost for free, sleeping in the hotel isn’t really worth the cash.

The Core is the subsequent location on the itinerary after the MTT building. There are a numerous routes you may take to go through this section, but the simplest one is to go in the direction of the west and finish the puzzle to unlock the pathway to the east.

The far north has a few foes that need to be defeated in order to unlock the same walkway, thus going there is not encouraged. The garbage can to the north carries 100 grams, and the one to the far northwest has a Glamburger. Both cans are located in the same general area. Investigate the neighborhood thoroughly until you find them there.

The route that leads to the end of the railway may be found very far to the northeast. It features a door, an elevator, and a save point in its layout. When you are prepared and have all of the necessary healing goods, proceed through the door to engage in the decisive battle with Mettaton.

  1. This battle against Mettaton’s boss is a bit nuts.
  2. To be successful, you need to attract an audience of more than 10,000 people.
  3. There are a few different ways that this may be accomplished.
  4. The more critically ill you are, the higher the quantity of audience points you will receive when you pose.
  5. If you boast, you will acquire audience more quickly; yet, if you get struck on the turn after you boast, you will lose audience.

Consuming Glamburgers or any other cuisine from the MTT will increase your viewership by 500. When your health is low, the ideal plan is to Pose, Defend, and recover with MTT food as quickly as possible. Advice for the Pacifist Boss: Mettaton EX When Mettaton gives you the option to shoot his heart, utilize your projectiles to deliver damage while evading his assaults.

This will allow you to fire his heart successfully. Make use of your projectiles in order to alter the color of the lasers that appear during the “disco ball” attack. When a blue laser is coming closer, you need to remain stationary. When a white laser is approaching, fire the disco ball to turn it blue before the laser arrives.

At some time, Mettaton is going to want you to write an essay for them. If you type “legs” or “toby,” you’ll receive a small bonus from the crowd. After you have reached 9,000 to 9,500 people in the crowd, consume some MTT food in order to achieve the mystical threshold of 10,000 and win the war.

  1. The following phase, in a run with a neutral alignment, would be to engage in the decisive conflict with King Asgore.
  2. On the other hand, the Pacifist run will bring you back to MTT Resort, where you will be contacted by telephone.
  3. The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary After Mettaton EX has been vanquished, you will progress to the New Home area.

This is an alternate version of Tariel’s home, and it has a few objects that might be helpful. You need to go to the bedroom, take up the Heart-Shaped Locket and the Worn Dagger, and then equip them. When it comes to fighting King Asgore, these things will be of great assistance to you.

Both of the house’s keys are located on the upper floors of the property. Investigate the chambers to find the keys, and while you’re there, go through the artifacts to learn more about the backstory. Turn the key in the chain lock to enter the basement, and then proceed below. Along the journey, a well-known figure will approach you for a short chat and provide you with some knowledge about the game’s hidden depths, which will completely blow your mind.

Advice for the Pacifist Boss: King Asgore There is no way to end this conflict in a civilized manner. You are obligated to battle King Asgore. Make sure that you are fully stocked with healing goods and that you are armed with your most powerful weapon and armor.

If you continue to use the Pacifist checklist, this fight is going to be exceptionally challenging for you. During this skirmish, you will need to have your Butterscotch Pie available in your inventory. When you use it, Asgore’s attack power and defense will be lowered for the rest of the fight. You may also Talk to him three times to reduce his Attack Power and Defense Value.

The attacks of King Asgore are comparable to those of Tariel, with the exception that he shows no compassion. Sometimes he will utilize a colorful assault, which will always be preceded by his eyes. During the attack, you are required to move when you see orange, but you are required to remain motionless when you see blue.

  1. It is in your best interest to evade as many of his strikes as you can while simultaneously attacking him at every opportunity; ultimately, he will submit and the battle will be done.
  2. You will now have the choice of whether or not to spare King Asgore’s life.
  3. You can only get the True Ending if you choose to spare him.
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Things will begin to take on a more unusual tone once an old acquaintance pays you a visit. Advice from the Pacifist Boss: Flowey When Flowey makes an appearance, things immediately begin to spiral out of control. The game will terminate unexpectedly and restart in Flowey’s terrifying dreamscape.

  1. The decisive fight of the Neutral playthrough will be triggered when he undergoes a transformation into a godlike killing machine.
  2. The boss fight against Flowey is drawn out, challenging, and frustrating.
  3. His assaults cannot be avoided and come quite frequently, yet they are not particularly damaging.

You should try to avoid getting hit as much as possible, but you should be prepared for it. To proceed to the next phase of the conflict, you must strike at any chance that presents itself. You will now come under assault from Flowey’s souls, but you have the ability to use those attacks to your own benefit.

  1. You will need to locate the Act button and press it in order to change the white assaults that do damage into green attacks that restore health.
  2. There are six souls that need to be collected; once you do so, the collected souls will combine their abilities, allowing you to finish off this monstrosity by making Flowey’s defenses null and void.

You should try to avoid his strikes as much as possible, but when you do have the chance, you should take advantage of it and attack. You have the option of either killing or sparing Flowey; doing so will not affect your ability to reach the True Ending.

The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary After you have answered the phone call and completed certain errands for Alphys and Undyne, you will be granted admission to the True Lab.

In this region, in addition to overcoming some very difficult foes, it is necessary for you to locate four different colored keys and the locks that match to them. Because these foes provide such a formidable obstacle, this portion of the guide will explain how to eliminate them.

  1. Note: While you’re at True Lab, be careful to read the notes on the wall and watch the VHS tapes there, since they provide a lot of useful information about the game’s characters and the monster world.
  2. Advice for the Pacifist Boss: Memoryhead The Red Key is the first one that has to be found, and it can be found to the west.

Make sure the sinks are checked till the Memoryhead team shows there. It’s going to take some finesse to overcome these foes; in order to get the Spare option, you have to first employ Cell and then Refuse. After the fight, they will drop the Red Key, and the lock will still be in the same location.

Proceed to the east until you reach a room with beds. If you would like to sleep in the first one, you are free to do so. The Yellow Key is hidden in the one of the beds that stands out from the others visually. The next key is located to the north. Endogeny is a tip for pacifist bosses. After entering the next area, proceed to the east until you reach a hallway that has a group of fans and then flip the switch.

Endogeny, a crazed canine monster, will show up, and you will need to put in some effort to prevail in this battle. In order to get the Spare option, you will need to complete the acts of Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet, and Pet. Be wary of the assaults that home in on you! After you have vanquished this foe, proceed to the west to locate the shower cubicle that contains the Green Key.

Advice for Nonviolent Leaders: Lemon Bread Proceed in a westerly direction and engage the save point. Surprise! The culprit here is the monstrous Lemon Bread! You can spare this one by using Unhug, Hum, and Flex. The lock that goes with the Yellow Key is right around the corner, and so are the VHS cassettes that were mentioned previously.

Advice from a Nonviolent Hierarch: Merge As you travel further further to the west, check the refrigerators for the monster Amalgamate; then use the joke command three times to unlock the Spare option. The Green Key will fall from his grasp, and the lock requiring the Blue Key may also be found in this area.

  1. Turn around and go back to the chamber with the beds; this time, take the east hallway.
  2. You will face off against Reaper Bird; in order to win this fight, make use of Pray, Mystify, and Pick On.
  3. This is the location of the lock that requires the Blue key.
  4. Now that all of the locks have been opened, it is time for the decisive confrontation! Get ready, because things are about to get crazy! Advice for the Calm Manager: Asriel In the Pacifist playthrough, Asriel Dreemurr is the very last boss you will have to vanquish.

The good news is that even though Asriel is an exceedingly challenging opponent, there is no actual way for you to lose this fight. The only thing you can do here is try to avoid getting hit by Asriel’s strikes. Both the Hope and Dream options will have an effect on the upcoming round, with Hope reducing damage and Dream filling any empty inventory spaces with healing consumables.

His assaults are quite powerful, but he will always let you know what’s coming next so you can get ready for it. You will finally be able to advance to the next stage of this chaotic fight if you just keep your cool and try to avoid getting hit as much as possible. As the battle continues, it will eventually reach a point where Asriel will stop assaulting you.

At this point, it is up to you to save the souls of all of your allies. Just apply the appropriate actions for each fight, and you will ultimately be able to set everyone free from their captors. The conflicts will be similar to the ones that occurred earlier in the game.

Asriel’s soul is the last one that has to be set free; after you have done so, the journey is ended, you have successfully finished the Pacifist run, and you may now enjoy the True Ending! You have the option to go back around the environment and speak with all of the NPCs before you travel back to your house and officially finish the game.

You will have access to new lines of speech, and if you make it all the way back to the beginning of the Ruins, you will have the opportunity to converse with a unique character. The credits will start playing once you have finished the game. You will be able to enter the Mystery Door in Waterfall if you are successful in avoiding all of the names that are listed in the credits, which is extremely unlikely.

The Fundamentals: Finding Your Way to the Real Ending Introduction / The Ruins The First Part of Snowdin Waterfall Waterfall: Part 2 Hotland: The First Part, the Lab Hotland: The Second Part, the MTT Resort and Core Neutral Ending The True Laboratory and the True Ending Bestiary This section will contain a list of all the creatures that may be encountered in Undertale, as well as the necessary steps to take in order to spare them for the True Pacifist ending.

Ruins Froggit – Compliment Whimsum is Slang for Console, while Moldsmal is Slang for Flirt. Migosp – Leave him alone, Talk Loox – Don’t Pick On Vegetoid – Dinner; decrease your health and eat. Snowdin Snowdrake – Have some fun with his antics. Ice Cap – Ignore, Ignore, Steal Cap, Compliment Jerry – Ditch Him! Use Stick Gyftrot to undecorate x4; Lesser Dog counts as a pet eight times.

Dogi – Roll in Dirt, Resmell, Pet each; Employ the Stick Greater Dog – Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet, Pet; Use Stick Waterfall Temmie – Temmie Flakes, Talk Aaron – Flex x3 Woshua – Clean Shyren – Hum, Hum, Conduct, Hum Temmie – Temmie Flakes, Talk Moldbygg – Unhug Aaron – Flex x3 Woshua – Clean Shyren – Hum, Hum, Conduct, Hum Land of Heat/The Center Vulkin has the abilities to encourage and hug, and Tsunderplane has the ability to approach and only strike green areas when attacking.

Pyrope — Warm Up Madjick — Gaze Upon Orbs Knight Knight — Hum Three Times Whimsalot will tell you to pray, Final Froggit will tell you to mystify, and Astigmatism will tell you to do as he says. True Lab Memoryhead – Cell, Refuse Endogeny – Beckon, Pet, Play, Pet, Pet Memoryhead – Cell, Refuse Endogeny – Beckon, Pet (or stick) Amalgamate – Joke x3 Flex, Hum, and Unhug for the Lemon Bread Pray, Mystify, and Unhug are the Actions of the Reaper Bird.

Can I Mercy Asgore?

After the final blow has been delivered to Asgore, the protagonist has the option of either giving him ‘MERCY’ or continuing to ‘FIGHT’; the ‘MERCY’ button has fractures in it as a result of it having been broken earlier.