Song Cai Gin Where To Buy?

Song Cai Gin Where To Buy
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What makes Sông Cái’s Gin special?

Continuing the family tradition – Sông Cái hosted its first annual competition in June, which brought together bartenders from all across the nation. This event provided a much-needed relief for a sector that has been severely impacted by the epidemic.

  1. The participants in the competition went on a trip arranged by Sông Cái to the province of Ha Giang, which is located in the most northern part of the country.
  2. The purpose of the trip was to foster in younger people a greater awareness of native customs.
  3. The inaugural edition of Sông Cái’s annual competition for up-and-coming bartenders will take place in June.

| Original from the Sông Cái Distillery Sông Cái Distillery has collaborated with guest bartenders on a book that explores the history and culture of various provinces as well as records some of the most inventive recipes in order to further demonstrate how regional idiosyncrasies play a role in the uniqueness of gin-based cocktails.

  • This book was created in order to further demonstrate how regional idiosyncrasies play a role in the uniqueness of gin-based cocktails.
  • Participants came from all around the United States to take part in the tournament.
  • | Original from the Sông Cái Distillery In the case of this quintessentially Vietnamese brand, such initiatives are not only a way to tell the story of Sông Cái Distillery but also a way to share the message of support for Vietnam’s indigenous cultures, both domestically and internationally.
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This support can take the form of financial contributions, educational opportunities, or other forms of assistance. A second lesson that Sông Cái hope to convey is the need of preserving Vietnam’s traditional traditions. | Original from the Sông Cái Distillery A modification made by Angie Tran. Song Cai Gin Where To Buy Song Cai Gin Where To Buy Song Cai Gin Where To Buy

Is Sông Cái Vietnam’s first artisanal small-batch distillery?

Song Cai Gin Where To Buy Is it feasible to capture the essence of a whole nation in a bottle? Daniel Nguyen, the creator of Sông Cái and the lead distiller there, believes this to be the case. Sông Cái was Vietnam’s first artisanal small-batch distillery. In the two years that have passed since its introduction to the market, Sông Cái gin has caused quite a stir in the premium spirit industry of the nation, eventually making its way onto the top shelves and into the martini glasses of the most reputable drinking places in the area.

The community-focused methods that the company uses in its branding, production, and distribution are one of the aspects that contribute to the overall attractiveness of the brand. The distillery, which was established in 2018 with the goal of preserving the historical and cultural traditions of Vietnam, pays homage to its ancestry by adhering to the formula for traditional dry gins while also proudly showcasing a distinctively Vietnamese twist on its products.

Sông Cái Distillery: The First Gin from Việt Nam

The new kid on the block has already made a name for itself, having won a gold medal at Gin Masters 2020 and, more recently, a double win at the prestigious Spirit International Prestige (SIP) Awards: Best of Class Platinum for Sông Cái Viet Nam Dry Gin and Double Gold for Sông Cái Viet Nam Floral Gin.

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Both of these gins came out on top in their respective categories. Consumers appear to share the jury’s sentiments; a significant number of them favor the upstart over more well-known multinational brands. This is a tribute to the founders’ decision to place an emphasis on environmental ethics, economic transparency, skill development, and cultural preservation.

Sông Cái is a brand that is deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture and has a captivating narrative to tell. The company wants to expand its reach throughout the world. In spite of the fact that the team is getting ready to introduce Vietnam’s first gin to worldwide markets, the company’s primary focus is still on condensing the intricate history and culture of the country into a superb product.

What is Sông Cái?

Sông Cái is a pioneering distillery that is well known for producing the first Vietnamese gin. They also produce various spirits that capture the tastes of the biodiverse terroir of Vietnam through their Gins. Sông Cái was established by Daniel Nguyen, a pioneer in the field of sustainable agriculture.

What is Việt Nam dry gin?

The Spirit of Việt Nam – Sông Cái was established by a Vietnamese-American with a vision for sustainable agriculture named Daniel Nguyen. The company obtains their botanicals solely from H’mong, Red Dzao, and Kinh families that have a long tradition of farming and foraging.

Sông Cái is committed to giving back to the rural communities in which it does business by offering fair prices for the botanicals it purchases, providing financial support for reforestation programs, assisting with the preservation and propagation of heirloom botanicals, providing educational assistance to local communities, and sharing farming equipment and processing facilities.

Copper alembic pot stills that are hand-hammered and directly burned are used for the distillation of Sông Cái Distillery’s spirits. The first-ever Vietnamese gin, Sông Cái’s inaugural Viet Nam Dry Gin, has received praise for its re-imagination of the dry gin category.