How To Sync Photos To Song On Tiktok?

How To Sync Photos To Song On Tiktok
Press the ‘Sounds’ button in the composition’s bottom left corner once you have uploaded your photo (or photos) into the composition. Alternatively, tap the ‘Next’ button to go on to the ‘Sound Sync’ tab in the editing tool for the project. Under the ‘Sound Sync’ tab, you have access to TikTok’s extensive audio library, where you may choose a music clip or sound effect to sync with your video.

What app syncs music to photos?

Daily App: PicFlow is an easy-to-use program that enables users to rapidly create amazing slideshows out of photographs and music.

What’s the 27 photos song?

Swing Lynn, which was produced by @lovdfilmz, is the song that most people are choosing to use for the 27 video challenge.