How To Skip Song On Airpods Pro?

How To Skip Song On Airpods Pro
Your AirPods and AirPods Pro allow you to play, pause, skip, and control the volume.

  1. Pressing the force sensor located on the AirPod’s stem will play or pause the currently playing audio.
  2. Double-pressing the force sensor will advance the playback.
  3. Simply pressing the force sensor three times in a row will take you back.

Meer things

What happens if you double-tap one of your AirPods?

Double-tapping either the left or right earpiece on your AirPods allows you to skip tracks while listening to music on your headphones. The ability to skip songs on your left or right Airpod by using a double tap may be the default option; but, if it isn’t, you may configure this action on your iPhone or iPad by going into the settings for that device.

Because the double-tap functionality on AirPods Pro does not allow for any adjustments to be made, skipping songs is only modifiable for users who have AirPods Gen 1 or Gen 2 in their possession. You may also disable the double-tap skipping of songs feature on your AirPods by accessing the settings menu on your iOS device.

How to Pause and Skip Songs with AirPods Pro

For other stories, please check out the Tech Reference collection here on Business Insider. Apple provides you with a straightforward method to skip tracks when you’re listening to music through your AirPods. This is helpful because your playlist might not always play the song that you want to hear right now.

If you double-tap the button on either of your AirPods, the music will skip to the next track in the playlist. When you first turn on your AirPods or AirPods Pro, the default setting is for you to double-tap one of your AirPods in order to skip the music that is playing at the time. This will force the music that you are listening to to advance to the next song in the album, playlist, or queue, regardless of whether you are using Apple Music, Spotify, or another streaming service.

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The press-and-hold motion is the only one that can be customized on AirPods Pro; the double tap cannot be altered in any way. Therefore, if you are using the regular AirPods from the first or second generation, you won’t be able to modify the settings for the double-tap till you upgrade to the third generation.