How To Presave A Song On Apple Music?

How To Presave A Song On Apple Music
This pre-save option is also available on Apple Music, where it is known as Pre-Add. As was previously noted, this pre-save option is also accessible on Apple Music. While Spotify’s Pre-Save feature relies on third-party service providers rather than the Spotify app itself, Apple Music’s Pre-Add feature may be used directly within the Apple Music app itself.

  1. You may search for the album you want to add under the heading “Soon available,” and after finding it, you can add it by clicking the “Add” button.
  2. In addition to that, the impending release is currently highlighted in the artist profile.
  3. The release will automatically be added to the user’s library as soon as it is made accessible to the public.

At the moment, this is only applicable to releases that consist of more than one song, include a pre-order date, and offer some form of instant gratification.

How do I pre-save music on Spotify?

You are going to require something that is known as a Spotify URI code, which is an abbreviation for “unique resource indicator.” Follow the guidelines in our comprehensive step-by-step guide to Spotify pre-saves in order to obtain your URI code and set up a Spotify pre-save for music that has been distributed but has not yet been published.

How do I add a song to my Apple Music Library?

Launch the Apple Music app on your device. You can add a song, album, or playlist to your library by touching and holding the item you wish to add. Select the Add to Library option. You can also add a music to your library by swiping left over the song and hitting the Add button.