How To Make A Song Explicit On Itunes?

How To Make A Song Explicit On Itunes
You need to provide the tag the name “ITUNESADVISORY” without the quotation marks, and then select the appropriate value. As was the case before, entering a ‘0’ will result in the absence of any icon. If you input the number “1,” the music will be tagged as “Explicit,” and if you enter the number “2,” the song will be tagged as “Clean.”

How do I stop Apple Music from censoring?

How to add the explicit/clean tag to any song on iTunes

You may listen the explicit versions again by going into the settings for Apple Music and turning off that option. This was the solution that worked for me when I was having the same issue! There is no option that I am aware of that will ‘bleep out’ words that are said during the music. The only setting would have the effect of preventing you from playing any tracks with the label “explicit.”