How To Get Song Of Storms In Majora’S Mask?

How To Get Song Of Storms In Majora
After hearing Flat’s funeral at the Ikana Graveyard, the player is able to acquire the knowledge necessary to master Majora’s Mask – The Song of Storms. It is written on his grave, much in the same way as the Sun’s Song was written on the tomb in Ocarina of Time.

  1. Instead of utilizing Spring Water, you may use the song to develop Magic Beans into fully grown plants that Link can ride on.
  2. This replaces the need to utilize Spring Water.
  3. The curse placed on the Blue Bubbles can also be broken by singing this song.
  4. It may be played for Sharp to assist him in breaking his curse and causing the river to flow through Ikana Canyon, which in turn activates the Music Box House.

However, its primary usage is to be played for Sharp to assist him in breaking his curse and for the river to flow through Ikana Canyon.

Can you learn Song of Storms as child Link?

After speaking with Zelda and reawakening Malon’s Father, you will be able to learn this song from Lon Lon Ranch. It is called Epona’s Song. Talk to Malon after you’re inside the Lon Lon Ranch. To play the Ocarina, you will need to stand near to her and click on the touch-screen.

After that, she will show you how to sing this song. If you want Epona to come to you, just play the song anyplace in Hyrule Field. It is also possible to play it in front of a cow, which will result in the cow giving you Lon Lon Milk. Notes: A X Y A X Y advertising Saria’s Song Saria is the one who will provide you with this information, as you could have anticipated.

Because Darunia requires it to be played, you won’t be able to access Dodongo’s Cavern until you have this item in your possession. Find Saria in the Lost Woods next to Kokiri and speak with her. You can avoid getting lost if you simply follow the sound of the music as you travel through the tunnels; eventually, you will arrive at the Secret Meadow.

When you get it to the end of this maze, you’ll find her relaxing and playing her song. Talk to her in order to obtain it. Song of Storms Notes: R.Y.X.R.Y.X. Song of Storms This song is only available to learn through the Adult Link. Your first order of business is to travel to Kakariko Village and proceed into the windmill there.

The man who lives within the windmill is going to tell you about a song that a child performed that sped up the rotation of the windmill. He will teach you the Song of Storms if you take out your ocarina and play it for him. Notes: L R A L R A Sun’s Song If you travel to Kakariko Village and make your way to the Graveyard, you will be able to learn this song.

  • You should be able to find a Triforce sign on the ground if you make your way all the way to the rear of the Graveyard.
  • Zelda’s Lullaby should be played before entering the cemetery.
  • If you make it all the way to the rear chamber and read the gravestone, you will find out how to sing the Sun’s Song.
  • This song may be used to stop the undead in their tracks and change the day into night or the other way around.

advertisement Y R A Y R Notas: Y R A Y R A Lyric from Another Time After you have rescued the Ocarina of Time from the moat in front of Hyrule Castle Town, Princess Zelda will teach you this song and instruct you on how to play it. It is possible to utilize it to make blocks vanish or appear in certain spots, and Navi will let you know about this by hovering over the region in question.

Notes: Y L R Y L R A Waltz in the Forest When you return to the spot at the end of the Secret Meadow where you obtained Saria’s Tune, Sheik will present you with this song and teach you how to play it. Using this song will transport you back to the main lobby of the Temple of the Forest. Notes: L A X Y X Y Public service announcement for Bolero of Fire When you first visit the Death Mountain Crater, Sheik will instruct you on this song and teach you how to play it.

Upon playing this song, you will be transported back to the front door of the Fire Temple. Serenade of Water R L R L Y R Y R Notes: R L R L Y R Y R Sheik will bestow upon you the honor of receiving this song. You will be transported to Lake Hylia, which is located close to the entrance to the Water Temple when you use this.

Notes: L R Y Y X The Spirit’s Funeral Rites Upon entering the Spirit Temple, Sheik will instruct you in the singing of this hymn and give you the lyrics to memorize. You will find yourself right back at the main door of the Spirit Temple after listening to this music. To complete the quest and retrieve the Silver Gauntlets as Young Link, you will need this song.

Notes: L R L Y R L advertising Nighttime Music from the Shadows You will learn it from Sheik once you have completed the Water Temple and returned to Kakariko Village after your adventure. When you play this song, you will be transported to the entrance of the Shadow Temple, which is located on the cliff that overlooks the Kakariko Graveyard.

Notes: X Y Y L X Y R The Prelude of Light (music) When you return to the Temple of Time as an adult to replace the Master Sword, Sheik will surprise you and teach you this song. He will do this in a stealthy manner. You may go back to the Temple of Time whenever you wish with the help of this convenient song.

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A Song Sung by a Scarecrow: Notes A, Y, A, and X The Scarecrow’s Song is the only song in the game that allows you to compose your own musical sequence to go along with it. The sole constraint is that there can’t be any notes that are played twice (i.e.

  • L, L, L). Nevertheless, you are able to have alternate sequences.
  • Advertisement If you want to make the song, you have to go to Lake Hylia when you were a kid and look for a scarecrow named Bonooru.
  • Since he professes to be unable to forget a tune, you should play him a song that is precisely eight notes long to ensure that he remembers it forever and refers to it as “The Scarecrow’s Song.” You should go back to him when he is an adult and play the same song over and over again.

You may now play it, and at specific moments throughout the game, you’ll be able to summon him to help you reach higher ledges or platforms. It should be different for each person, but if you need an example, the one that is provided below is a good option.

How do I get to the Ikana Graveyard?

Stalchildren are shown in the “Beneath the Graveyard” scene excavating a grave. Under the Graveyard is the title of the main article. There is only one grave that has to be opened, and that is the one that is being watched over throughout the night of the First Day.

  1. When Link is seen wearing the Captain’s Hat, the Stalchildren assume him for Skull Keeta, and as a result, they immediately comply with his instructions to destroy a gravestone in order to uncover a doorway leading to the subterranean areas of the graveyard.
  2. Within this location, Link will need to engage in combat with an Iron Knuckle in order to free the soul of Flat, one of the Composer Brothers who has been held captive.

Flat unveils the inscription for the “Song of Storms,” and he requests that Link use the music he has just learned to cleanse the soul of his brother Sharp, who is under a curse. The Stalchildren will be stationed at a different grave during the night of the second day of the second week.

  1. When you ask them to unlock it, another portion of the cavernous regions that lie under the Graveyard becomes visible.
  2. Using the Lens of Truth, Link will have to locate all of the concealed foes and traps that are hidden throughout this section.
  3. Another Iron Knuckle may be found at the end of the grave, and it must be vanquished in order to open the Treasure Chest and get the Piece of Heart it contains.

On the night of the Final Day, the grave that is being guarded by the Stalchildren goes to a place that is completely different from the ones that were accessible on the two previous times. This one has Dampé walking about inside of it, and he says that he is looking for the royal family’s riches.

Unfortunately, his torch has gone out, and he begs Link to lead the way with Tatl. Following a lengthy excursion that consists of digging many separate patches of soil, the young hero and the gravekeeper find three blue flames that eventually combine to show a Big Poe. Dampé runs away in horror, and Link is forced to confront the ghost on his own.

After it is vanquished, a Treasure Chest with an empty Bottle will become available. In the 3D version of Majora’s Mask, the chest hides one additional Piece of Heart within. When you reach the top of the stairs at the far end of the area, you’ll find the gravekeeper cowering under his bed out of dread. How To Get Song Of Storms In Majora

How do you get a free Flat in Majora’s Mask?

Flat, one of the Composer Brothers, and his composition “Night of the First Day” The sole grave that is truly important to Link’s quest is the one that is being guarded during the night of the First Day. After he has fallen into the grave, Link lands on a massive stone pillar that is projecting from a wide gap below him.

  • An archway leading into a doorway that has carvings of bats on both sides may be found at the very edge of the region.
  • It is a dark passage that leads into a room that is filled with evil bats.
  • After they have been vanquished, a Treasure Chest will appear, inside of which is a Purple Rupee.
  • However, in order for Link to open the next door, he must first light all of the torches that are located within the room.

The next location is a room that is poorly lighted and has peculiar patterns on the walls and floor. There is also a stage here that is concealed behind a curtain that runs parallel to the entrance. An Iron Knuckle is positioned in the middle of the room, looking absolutely dead.

  • When its peace is broken, it springs to life and begins to assault.
  • In order for Link to free the soul of Flat, one of the Composer Brothers, he must first prevail over the enemy protected by armor.
  • Flat divulges the information that his afflicted sibling Sharp was the one who buried him alive beneath the cemetery.

He requests that Link perform the ritual of purifying his brother’s soul by playing the “Song of Storms,” a unique music that he developed in order to conjure up stormy clouds and rain. How To Get Song Of Storms In Majora

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Where can I play Song of Storms?

Oracle of Seasons – In Oracle of Seasons, the “Song of Storms” may be heard being performed in the Eastern Suburbs neighborhood, which is the location of the windmill. It can be heard coming from Guru-gramophone Guru’s at this time.

How do I get Epona back in Majora’s Mask?

It is necessary to obtain a Powder Keg from the Goron Village in order to destroy the rock that is obstructing Milk Road in order to retrieve Epona. It is recommended that you carry out this activity as soon as possible after completing Snowhead Temple. An Explosive Exam must be passed in order to get Powder Kegs.

What does Romani call Link?

Romani is a little girl who assists her older sister, Cremia, in taking care of Romani Ranch, which is the primary provider of milk for the Milk Bar. Romani’s biography can be seen below. Her unwavering commitment to warding off the Ghosts at the Ranch and protecting the Cows keeps her plenty occupied.

  1. Romani is forced to seek assistance from a third party since her elder sister does not accept what she is saying.
  2. She convinces Link to join her in defending the Cows and teaches him “Epona’s Song” in order to better prepare him for the impending assault.
  3. She is skilled in the use of a Bow, but she remains inside the barn to protect the cows during the ghost assault, therefore she is unable to contribute to the fight against the ghosts despite her ability.

After the cows have been rescued, she gives Link a bottle of Romani Milk as a thank-you gift and refers to him as a “little hero” before retiring for the night. Later on, Romani admits that in order to spare Cremia’s anxiety over the recent Ghost assault, she has been keeping the news to herself.

The following day, Romani begs Link for his aid once more for the following year. However, she then comes up with the idea of having Link reside at the Ranch with them instead, allowing him to steal Romani’s bed and stating that her sister will be satisfied with this arrangement. Romani’s outgoing and energetic nature is demonstrated by the fact that she often goes running in the mornings and afternoons with her dog while the sun is up and down.

She does not censor herself, as evidenced by the fact that the very first thing she says to Link, after meeting him for the first time, is that he is “cute.” It is also hinted, both by her behavior and by Cremia’s words, that Romani does not know what is going to happen to Termina, despite the fact that she frequently refers to herself in the third person.

Her elder sister won’t let her go to the event she’s never been to before, the Carnival of Time, unless she’s old enough to go by herself as an adult. This is something that she really wants to do. Romani is pleased about the notion that her elder sister is finally going to allow her sample some of the Chateau Romani on the evening of the Final Day; nevertheless, she is perplexed by the fact that Cremia had instructed her to wait until she reached the age of majority before doing so.

Cremia, Romani’s older sister, will craft a mask for her as a token of her appreciation for the fact that she has been finally recognized as an adult. At the conclusion of the game, Romani is seen for the final time demonstrating her prowess with the bow while her elder sister cheers her on.

How do you get the Gibdo Mask Majora’s Mask?

Obtaining the Gibdo Mask requires going inside the Music Box House, which is located at the very top of the Ikana Canyon. When Link initially arrives in the neighborhood, many Gibdos are scouring the vicinity of the home in search of prey. In order to get rid of them once and for all, Link needs to figure out how to get the music box in the house to start playing.

As soon as Link enters the Spring Water Cave, which is located at the beginning of the dry riverbed, he is greeted by Sharp, who begins to play a cursed music for him that causes his health to gradually deplete. Playing the “Song of Storms,” a song that Link learnt from Sharp’s brother Flat, is the only way to break the curse and free Link from its shackles.

As soon as Link finishes playing the song, the water begins to flow normally once more, which in turn causes the waterwheel on the Music Box House to whirl. As it rotates, the music box that was built into the home starts to play “Farewell to Gibdos,” which is a song that Gibdos despises, which ultimately leads to all of them disappearing into the earth.

After that, Link has to sneak up on Pamela, the little girl who lives in the house, and then enter the house through the front door. During their exploration of the basement, they stumble upon a Gibdo-like Terminan Hylian that has emerged from a cabinet. If Link makes an attempt to fight it, a sequence will play in which Pamela will intervene to defend the Gibdo, who is actually her father, and she will order Link to retreat from the area.

On the other hand, if Link were to perform the “Song of Healing,” the guy would be healed, but he would still be wearing the Gibdo Mask. While protecting himself with the Gibdo Mask, Link is immune to the attacks of both Gibdos and ReDeads. Another benefit of wearing the Gibdo mask is that it enables Link to converse with the Gibdos that live in Ikana Canyon and the Ikana Well.

In order for Link to advance in the well, the Gibdos need to be given goods that they want, such as fish and Big Poes. Although Link is unable to communicate with the ReDeads, if he puts on the mask, they will start dancing and will not hurt him. In the 3DS remake, it may be used in the Swamp Fishing Hole to attract Ancient Fish (as the fish is reported to sense a certain connection with mummies), allowing Link to capture one with the Sinking Lure.

The Ancient Fish are said to feel a particular kinship with mummies.

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What do you do with gold dust in Majora’s Mask?

Gold Dust is an item that appears in Majora’s Mask that has the potential to assist Link in transforming his blade into the Gilded Sword. In the side quest titled “Goron Races Rock & Roll,” the only way to obtain the Gold Dust is to emerge victorious from the Goron Races. Additionally, the Gold Dust comes in a container that may be used several times over.

What is the Scarecrow song in Majora’s Mask?

Play the music you composed for me here or somewhere else, and I will come back to see you! ” — A Fashionable Scarecrow The “Scarecrow’s Tune,” also known as “Record Scarecrow’s Song” ( Rokuon Kakashi no Uta? ), is a song that appears several times throughout the Legend of Zelda series.

How do you get a captain’s hat?

The Hat of the Captain “You have been awarded the Captain’s Hat! It goes best with (C).” — The Game’s Detailed Description One of the 24 Masks that may be worn in Majora’s Mask is the Captain’s Hat. When Link arrives in the Ikana Graveyard, he discovers Captain Keeta in a dormant state.

  • Playing the Sonata of Awakening is required in order for Link to awaken Captain Keeta, who will then issue a challenge to Link to engage in combat with him.
  • Captain Keeta will give Link the Captain’s Hat as a prize if he is successful in completing the task.
  • Link may fool the Stalchildren into thinking he is Captain Keeta if he wears the Captain’s Hat, which gives him the ability to communicate with them and earns him their respect.

Through the use of this skill, Link is able to give the Stalchildren who reside in the Ikana Graveyard the order to unlock the graves. In the Nintendo 64 version of the game, this grants him the ability to acquire the Song of Storms, a Piece of Heart, and an Empty Bottle (the Bottle is replaced with another Piece of Heart in the 3DS version).

  1. Additionally, he may use it to communicate with the Stalchildren that reside in the Oceanside Spider House, which will ultimately allow him to get a Piece of Heart.
  2. The Captain’s Hat is one of the three non-transformation masks that are necessary to finish the game.
  3. The others being the Garo Mask and the Gibdo Mask.

Completing the game requires the Song of Storms, hence this makes the Captain’s Hat one of the three required masks. If Link is wearing the Captain’s Hat, just like when he wears the Gibdo Mask or the Garo Mask, the ReDeads will no longer be angry toward him and will instead dance in place.