How To Delete A Song From A Playlist On Soundcloud?

How To Delete A Song From A Playlist On Soundcloud
Go to the playlist page within the SoundCloud app, and then press the three horizontal dots that are to the right of the track name. This will remove the music from the playlist. After that, go to the very bottom of the menu and click “Remove from Playlist.” This will delete the tune from your playlist on the desktop site as well as the mobile app that you are using.

Why can’t I delete a song on SoundCloud?

The song cannot be played because it infringes on copyright. It is not possible to erase a track from your account once it has been blocked for copyright infringement, and the track will continue to be shown on the track management page of your account. These songs will not count toward the limit that is associated with your account.

How do I edit my playlist on SoundCloud?

If you are using a mobile device with Android or iOS, touch the ‘edit playlist’ option in the options menu on the playlist, and then drag and drop the music into the order that you would want them to play in.

How do I delete my SoundCloud?

You are able to remove your account by first logging in using a computer, then navigating to your Account Settings, and then hitting the box that says “destroy account.” In order to delete something from your account, you must first be logged in to that account. If you are having difficulties signing in, please visit the Help Accessing Your Account page for further information and assistance.

How do I unlike all my songs on SoundCloud?

How come there is no method to keep a record of the songs to which I listened? There are several “SoundCloud History” browser extensions available, but most streaming services, with the exception of YouTube, come equipped with this functionality by default.

UPDATE Nov 2016: Complaining for merely a few years was all it needed to obtain Listening history. Congratulations, SoundCloud! My solution to this problem is to make advantage of the Like button. The vast majority of the songs on my stream that I listened to are enjoyable. In addition, in order to maintain its neat appearance, I occasionally clear out all of the likes and start over.

However, it is not feasible to deactivate all of the likes at the same time. I simply adore the response that the technical support staff gives, which is “You can’t do that.” I hope that was of some use. Helps a lot! The answer is to execute a straightforward line of jQuery.

  1. Start by go to
  2. Next, open the browser console (often the F12 key) and type in: $.
  3. Sc-button-like ” ).
  4. Click (); It works by going through all of the buttons that say “Unlike” and clicking each one in turn.
  5. It might take some time if you have a lot of likes on your post.
  6. UPDATE: As of April 2017, it appears that SoundCloud does not provide jQuery anymore; nevertheless, there is a solution that does not rely on any external dependencies: (async function () )(); WARNING: SoundCloud has decided to limit my ability to like tracks for an undetermined amount of time: Because we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of likes coming from your account, we’d like to request that you calm down.
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If your account is executing a significantly larger number of activities in comparison to the majority of other accounts, it has lost its personal touch. It is important to keep in mind that there is a thin line between marketing oneself and overwhelming other users with alerts.

How do you dislike a song on SoundCloud?

You will need to give a track or playlist that you don’t like the “dislike” rating in order for it to disappear from the Library tab of your account. You can show your disapproval by pressing the button labeled “Liked” to “Like.”

Can anyone delete songs on a collaborative playlist?

FAQs – Yes, you can. Because those who are working on the playlist with you will not be informed, it is in everyone’s best interest for you to provide them with this information in advance. No, you cannot. There is no ability to delete songs from the playlists made by others, including the playlists created by the artists themselves.

Why cant I remove songs from a collaborative playlist on Spotify?

Good day to everyone, I would want to thank you for your responses thus far. We are able to verify that there was a recent adjustment made to the method in which collaborative playlists function. When it comes to collaborators, they are only able to delete songs that they have directly contributed to the playlist.

  • However, the playlist owner still has complete authority over the playlist and may freely add or remove tracks at their discretion.
  • This is done to ensure that the playlist does not suffer from any unwelcome data loss in the future.
  • I hope that this helps to clarify things.
  • If there is anything else that you want assistance with, the Community is always available to you.
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How do you remove a song from a shared playlist on Spotify?

Tap the profile photographs that are located beneath the name of one of the collaborative playlists that you have produced. To contact a user, tap the three dots that appear next to their name. Select the option to remove it from the playlist. They will no longer be able to add or remove songs after this change has been made.

How many playlists can u have on SoundCloud?

At this time, the maximum number of tracks that a playlist may include is 500.

How do you get to your playlist on SoundCloud?

Through the playlist option on your Collections page, you are able to see playlists that you have either made or liked in the past. You also have the option to view only the playlists that you have generated by using the tab labeled “Playlist.”

How do you delete songs from Spotify playlist 2022?

How To Delete A Song From A Playlist On Soundcloud Remove tracks from your Spotify playlist using your iOS or Android device – Launch the Spotify mobile application on your Apple iOS or Google Android smartphone. To access your library, select the “Library” tab from the choices located at the very bottom of the screen. How To Delete A Song From A Playlist On Soundcloud

How do I remove a song from playlist iTunes?

  1. Select Music from the pop-up menu located on the upper left of the iTunes software on your personal computer, and after that, select Library from the drop-down menu that appears.
  2. After clicking on the object to select it, you should then use the Delete key to get rid of it.
  3. Click Delete,
  4. Take action in one of the following ways:
  • You simply need to delete the item from your iTunes library: Select the Keep File option.
  • Delete the item from your computer by clicking the following: Simply click the Move to Recycle Bin button. When you empty the Recycling Bin after this, the item is removed from your home.
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Note: If the song was immediately removed from your library (that is, you didn’t get the option to keep the file or move it to the Recycle Bin), you can add it to Apple Music and download it again from there. However, if you did get the option to keep the file or move it to the Recycle Bin, the song cannot be added to Apple Music.