How To Add Song To Whatsapp Status?

How To Add Song To Whatsapp Status
Youcut app – YouCut is a free app that you can download and install on your phone. You can get the app by following this link and downloading it. To add music to your WhatsApp status, you can do it by following these steps: Now that you have so many techniques in your sleeve, amp up your creative instincts and let’s get started uploading the greatest WhatsApp updates with the music that you enjoy playing in the background.

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Can we add mp3 in WhatsApp status?

Humans have been a breed of social creatures ever since the beginning of time, interacting and talking with one another in order to live over the course of history. The way we communicate has undergone massive transformations as a result of developments in technology.

Despite these shifts, however, our underlying need for human connection has not diminished. This is precisely why platforms like WhatsApp and social media networks like Facebook and Instagram continue to thrive. Associated: 8 innovative new tips and tricks for using WhatsApp’s status feature Prior to not so long ago, WhatsApp Status was nothing more than a brief profile info slot in which you could add messages.

These days, however, Status functions more like the Stories feature that is available on Instagram. There is no option to add an audio file to your WhatsApp status message, despite the fact that you can easily add images, texts, videos, and even GIFs to the message.

However, we were able to find a solution to this particular issue, and all that is required of you to get started is the VideoShow Video Editor. Due to the fact that WhatsApp Status does not recognize distinct audio files, you will need to use the VideoShow Video Editor software in order to generate a video clip that has the audio that you need.

Even while it would appear that going through all of this bother for only one cool function is a waste of time and effort, the software is actually rather simple to operate and performs without any issues whatsoever. Associated:

  • It’s simple to turn images into videos on an Android device.
  • This software for Android lets you cut films in less a minute.
  • Make video presentations using your photos.
  • Record screen video on Android
  1. Install the VideoShow Video Editor app by searching for it in the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the VideoShow Video Editor software by selecting the Edit Video option from the main menu.
  3. On the page that says Select clips, navigate through the gallery on your smartphone to find an image that you would want to appear when the music file is playing (similar to album art), and then select the Next button.
  4. To make changes to the screen, go to the Editor menu, tap on the picture, and then hit the pencil icon.
  5. After selecting Time and moving the slider all the way to the right until it reaches 10 seconds, the application will then provide you with the choice to extend the duration even more.
  6. Move the time scale all the way to 30 seconds using the plus sign (this is the maximum length of a content that you may post as your WhatsApp status), and then hit the OK button.
  7. Return to the Editor page, then press “Tap to add music” after tapping on the Music tab located at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Tap the “My Music” option at the top of the screen, then navigate through your collection of audio files until you locate the track or audio clip that you want to add.
  9. If you tap on an audio file, the program will let you customize the duration of the audio clip, as well as the beginning and ending points, by dragging the appropriate sliders.
  10. Tap the Add Music button after choosing a duration between one and thirty seconds long.
  11. Now You may get your altered audio clip ready for posting on your WhatsApp Status message by pressing the checkmark symbol located in the top-right corner and then pressing the Save to Gallery button.
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You are not limited to only creating audio clips for use as your WhatsApp Status when you use the VideoShow Video Editor app; rather, it is capable of a great deal more than that. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about it, and we would be pleased to assist you.

How do you post a song from YouTube to WhatsApp?

The following are the steps that you may take to copy a YouTube link and post it on your WhatsApp status. How to copy a YouTube link and share it on your WhatsApp status. Step 1: Launch YouTube on the device you’re using. Step 2: Launch the WhatsApp app and select a video from your library to share.

Step 3: After that, select the Copy link option. Open up your WhatsApp app and navigate to the Status tab after it’s done. Step 5: After tapping the pencil symbol, paste the URL into the space provided. Note that WhatsApp will automatically detect the material and display a brief synopsis of the content in the chat window.

Tap the Share button to complete this step. You may post the YouTube link on your WhatsApp Status by following the instructions that were just presented to you. If you are unable to send a link to a video from YouTube to WhatsApp, you can instead download the movie to your computer and then upload it to WhatsApp from your computer.

How do I merge audio and picture?

You are able to take a picture using AudioPic while concurrently capturing sounds for a specified length of time both before and after the picture is taken. After that, you may combine the video with the audio into a single file that can be uploaded to the service of your choice and shared.

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Have you ever experimented with AudioPic? By posting a review, you can assist others in determining whether or not AudioPic is the right product for them. What areas for improvement does AudioPic have? What aspects of it do you find appealing? Launch AudioPic gives you the ability to take a picture while also capturing music both before and after the picture is taken for a certain length of time.

After that, you may combine the video with the audio into a single file that can be uploaded to the service of your choice and shared.

Why my WhatsApp status has no sound?

It’s possible that the volume control for the output you’re using is turned all the way down to its lowest possible level. If the screen on your device suddenly goes black and you are unable to hear a voice message being played via the speaker, it is most probable that you have activated the proximity sensor with your finger or another part of your hand.

How do you send audio on WhatsApp?

Send a voice message Launch a one-on-one or group conversation. Start speaking when you have tapped and held the microphone. After you are finished, you should take your finger from the microphone. The voicemail will be sent out on its own automatically.