How Long Is The Jeopardy Song?

How Long Is The Jeopardy Song
3:47 Jeopardy (song)

Length 3:47
Label Beserkley Records
Songwriter(s) Greg Kihn, Steve Wright
Producer(s) Matthew King Kaufman

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What is the Jeopardy theme song called?

As the hunt for Alex Trebek’s replacement continues, “Jeopardy!” has seen significant shifts. Just during the most recent season, the game show had a grand total of 16 different guest presenters. For a program that has been so stable for such a long time, there is a significant amount of change.

But if there’s one thing that fans can depend on being the same, it’s the band’s musical sound. A recent survey conducted by USDirect, an authorized DIRECTV reseller, found that the theme tune for the game show “Jeopardy!” is the one that people remember the most. “Jeopardy!” came out on top in a poll that asked 2,200 people in the United States if they could correctly recognize a program after hearing to a 10-second sample of a theme tune, with 76% of the respondents recognizing the music.

According to the Deseret News, the theme music, titled “Think,” was originally a lullaby that “Jeopardy!” founder Merv Griffin penned for his kid. Griffin was entitled to royalties for every performance of the song, which resulted in his earning close to $80 million prior to his passing.

  • Trebek stated in a memoir that he never got tired of listening to “Think,” which was published not long before he passed away.
  • According to the Deseret News, he stated in an email that the phrase “It’s part of Americana.” “It is something that can be recognized by everyone right away.
  • The same thing applies if somebody points out that you didn’t ask the question in the manner that you phrased it in.

Everyone in the room is well aware of the significance of the reference.” How did other popular TV shows’ themes compare to this one? The following is an explanation of the results: There was a three-way tie for second place between ” The Simpsons, ” “Friends,” and ” Seinfeld,” all of which had theme tunes that are recognized by 71% of the respondents.

  1. Both “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Law & Order” finished only a few spots farther down the list.58% of respondents were aware of the theme from “Game of Thrones,” which is a slight decrease from previous years.
  2. After “Rugrats,” “New Girl,” and “Family Matters,” the next most watched show was “Rugrats.” A little bit more than half of them were familiar with the theme tune of “Gilmore Girls.” Even with its widespread appeal, “Stranger Things” was only recognized by almost half of those who participated in the survey.
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The bottom three consisted of “Survivor,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and “Bones,” with “Bones” coming in last with 22%.

What is the tempo of the Jeopardy song?

Thinking, Thinking, and more thinking on how to go. I am aware of what the response is; I have it. “Think!” is the title of the Think Music that is played on the game show Jeopardy! while contestants write their questions in its final round, “Final Jeopardy!,” and it was at one point universally recognized.

  • No, that can’t be, I’m so wrong,” “Think!” is the title of the Think Music that is played on the game show Jeopardy! Here is the original (and most renowned) version of the theme song, which was utilized on all editions of the program up until 1997.
  • For those readers who have never heard it before, here it is.

Take note of the shift in gear that the truck driver makes at the midway point. The well-known piece of music titled “Think” was written by Merv Griffin, who also created the game show Jeopardy! and its sister program Wheel of Fortune. The original version of “A Time for Tony” went on to become a prize cue on Wheel in the 1980s.

  • He copied it from himself by basing it on “A Time for Tony,” a lullaby that he had written for his kid.
  • It is standard practice to use the Jeopardy Thinking Music, or a musical pastiche of it, whenever foolish characters are baffled by a straightforward inquiry.
  • After that, the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? stings took over for a little while.
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The performance of “Think!” that is used in Final Jeopardy! has a tempo of 136 beats per minute and consists of 17 measures in total, including the “bum-bum” at the very end. Because of this, it lasts precisely thirty seconds. It is helpful for timing the round while sounding slightly more soothing than a simple ticking clock, which is one of the reasons why it is utilized on Jeopardy! See Think Music for some specific instances of “think” music, or browse the category for more.

Leroy Anderson’s “The Syncopated Clock,” which, interestingly, came out around twenty years before Jeopardy!, can be used as a stand-in for “Think!” on shows that are either older or do not have the financial means to get a license for “Think!” The memorable tune from Countdown is typically used in its place whenever the show is shown in the United Kingdom.

In Japan, one of the most popular options for timed sixty seconds is the soundtrack from the video game Time Shock.

Who sings the Jeopardy theme song?

This page relates to the song “Greg Kihn Band” with the same name. See “Jeopardy!” (theme song) for more information on the television game show’s signature tune. Music serving as a theme.

Artwork for French release
Single by The Greg Kihn Band
from the album Kihnspiracy
B-side “Fascination”
Released 1983
Genre Power pop
Length 3 : 47
Label Beserkley Records
Songwriter(s) Greg Kihn, Steve Wright
Producer(s) Matthew King Kaufman
The Greg Kihn Band singles chronology


“Happy Man” (1982) ” Jeopardy ” (1983) “Tear That City Down” (1983)


The Greg Kihn Band had a hit with the song “Jeopardy,” which was included on their album Kihnspiracy and published in 1983. It is the only song by the band to enter the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 singles list, where it peaked at number two in May 1983 (behind Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”) and was also number one on the dance charts for two weeks a month earlier.

What year did jeopardy by Greg Kihn come out?

The Greg Kihn Band had a number one success with the song “Jeopardy,” which was published in 1983 on their album Kihnspiracy. It is the band’s only Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, reaching number 2 in May 1983 (behind Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”), and it also reached number 1 on the dance charts for two weeks a month earlier.

What kind of game is Jeopardy?

Jeopardy!, also known as The Greatest of All Time Jeopardy!, is a game show that originated in the United States and was founded by Merv Griffin. A quiz competition is included on the show, in which competitors are given general knowledge cues in the form of answers, and they are required to construct their responses in the form of questions.